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a peice inspired by cailloup. he/she has some great ideas. check them out! and then try to develope them! this on is inspired by "piano idea 40"
the ideas are raw, like a ready made putty for inventive musicians! i am looking forward to our collaborations together.

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after reading your response, i decided to start looking into your music. and sure enough you do have a lot of music thats much more worthy to be number 1. such as this piece right here, or blood moon. your piano pieces are pretty good. expect a review on both.

now for the song review, it does sound off beat at around 0:27. and around 1:29
and the song has a very abrupt ending. like it was bringing you up to get to a chorus or a bridge but it just faded out. but i did like how all the sounds fit very nicely together. and it flowed and was dynamic. now i can't give you a 10/10, since that'd suggest the piece is perfect, when it isn't. but i will give you a 5/5. you deserve it:D

Stalagmite responds:

its nice to know people like you dont just think on the dot and yay at a song and forget the person who made it... when someone like you goes the extra mile to check it out, you are what makes it worth coming back to NG :D i wont forget it either :D i surely know it isnt that great a composition... this isnt really worthy imho. and ironically the two you reviewed where made for other people as demonstrations on how to build music. :S
lol. none the less, you make my day. :D really you do :D


The arpeggiated chords you use are so nice and delicate and fit perfectly with the strings in the background. I must ask- how did you sync up the piano with the fake sounds in the background? It doesn't sound like you used a metronome, there's some rubato here and there. Wonderful performance and composition!

Stalagmite responds:

trial and error matey. i constantly record until it sounds in time... and as it is live it doesnt take time to get right. also, i am sure if you popped a metronome over the top this song would almost instantly go out of beat anyway... i play at the pace that feels right in the moment. and i guess i remembered it with all of the other layers too. I worked had on it. thanks for the awesome ten! :D:D:D you rock Basbalfan55


This is such great piece so relaxing, but however it would be nice if it was longer. Asome, i love the part in the beginning with the whistle.

Stalagmite responds:

haha... it is a piccolo with a light tint of sparkly bells lol. i love that sound too! it was only a demo piece. i will cetainly be working on more stuff. but this piece is unfortunately not even myne. the main credits go to Cailloup. but thanks for your support and multiple reviews! really enjoy reading them! and worthy of a ten! wow! thanks man!


Youre a great musician, too bad this song is not longer, i dont know if youve ever experience it but i think you could make great Ambient music with piano.

Stalagmite responds:

i have submitted some already. "everybody dreams" but you sir! lol. i hear you play guitar with some style! LOL. classical musician. you are brilliant! worst part is most guitarists play keyboard too! and if you play piano as well as you play guitar, i bow down to you! LOL

If classical ambience piano tracks are what you like. i can submit you some more. :D:D:D
thanks for the awesome review and score dude!


Now THAT is cailloup's idea brought to a whole other level.

The piano was touching. That flute-sounding instrument makes this appropriate for some Final Fantasy like rpg.

Citing what you said:
"i am just a medium through which you channel them"

You sir are one hell of a medium then :o).

The only thing that seemed a bit strange was that low pad from 0:14-0:17. It seemed too different to the other instruments you used (it almost seemed inappropriate).

Fantastic job, nonetheless.


P.S. Is it me or is there a "glitch" in the melody from 0:51-0:52?

Stalagmite responds:

LOL!. no it is not a glitch. i played it live, and i always screw up! LOL. the instrument on my keyboard "FARGO" is the odd synth you are talking about. It is innapropriate i agree. I guess thought it was eery and mysterious, but turns out i now agree that it sounds like a wet fart. :D:D:D also that flute has an additional instrument attatched to it. Some kind of a high bell, quite subtle, but very effective in delivering the F.F. mysterious factor. one of my favourite instruments actually
thank you for your awesome review, and banging scores! always appreciated! take care!

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Mar 10, 2009
7:02 PM EDT
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