Hey! Listen!(Hardstyle Remix)

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i have no vst's
ive never worked with voice clips b4
im lazy
im not to great at hardstyle
sorta made as a joke

these are a few reasons this song is not amazing, and probly annoying to some

review if you like, peace out


I don't believe it...

You turned the most annoying sound from the Legend of Zelda series and made it enjoyable to listen to.

BTW You need a key to open that locked door


how did you make those sounds they are so cool. Yeah long time no see! this song is cool epic techno. but now im better than you. check me out! now

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/223446

SessileNomad responds:

quite easy i just downloaded the wav file, and put it in slicex, then i could play whatever part i wanted

better is reletive, but ill check out your tune right now

we'll see...

indeed long time no see, glad your back

now i rember why i hated that god dam fairy...

That was teh super luls.
Great joke caus somthing about this was on tv at the time lol
And if you need some vst's i really like nexus (torentz:3) and Minnimouge Va
You can get sick sounds from both of em

SessileNomad responds:

i have nexus, its amazing

my computer its whats causeing my problems, every time i open a vst, fl freezes up and i have to hard reset

if it all fixes up ill check out that minimoog

thx peace out

No, I won't listen. STFU.

LOL! I love the samples, makes it a laugh. 0:45 breakdown is maddddd. You might want to pump up the bass or increase the volume on the background, it's too much of that stupid annoying pop-up smiley no one likes. >:(. Good song, real jokes. :]

SessileNomad responds:

yeah i pretty much just made this cuz i was really bored and i have no vst's so i said, hell ill use vocal samps. and then i thought of navi and it went downhill from there

lol i dont have this track memorized as well as i do my others, and the audio on this pc is broken so i cant reply about mybreakdown, cuz im not sure what you meant

thx for review, glad you liked it

peace out

Don't worry, the joke was funny as hell.

For no VSTs tho, this is pretty good.

There are a few problems tho with the timing of the samples. Maybe you might wanna chop the first couple of milliseconds off the sample before use it.

Also, when the beep-like sound comes in, it's a bit weird cuz it switches from the F-minor scale to the C-minor scale every other bar. Just messes with the head a bit, you know?

But as soon as I heard those samples though, I couldn't help but laugh cuz no one else would think to use Zelda fairy samples in a song lol

And sorry it took so long to review, work+newsong+girlfriend=busyasfuck.

SessileNomad responds:

yeah i didnt even think about fixing up the miliseconds of silence in the sample till, i was pretty much done, i was just to lazy to go back and reslice everything

i dont think music theory has any perks about scale jumping xD

im glad you think no one else would have done that with the samples(warm and fuzzy)

im getting closer and closer to reformating my pc, so high quality tracks will be heading your way, along with the reviews of yours that i cant check out

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Mar 8, 2009
8:25 PM EDT
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