Flying Through the Universe

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Thanks to DarkRider2000's criticism and a couple of hours of work, I think I managed to fix some problems here and there to the beta version of this song.

It's far from perfect, but I won't be able to modify this song again so this is the final product. Reviews are always welcome.

Vote fairly.


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Nice one i...

i could imagine this on the title sequence of star trek. lol, this is epicly awesome nice one sfapil ill have to make a song now...

SFaPiL2 responds:

Thank you. You're too kind :o)

lol. wow!

first. a synth! not sure, i think it is the guitar they talk about. it is VERY overpowering. perhaps a little subtlety would be nice. some nice easy going slides to sex the guitar up a bit would work to give it that movement and mood. Your drums arent quite as powerful as they could be either, however the rhythm they play is more than suitable.
I think the bass is great. slap bass by nature is hilarious sounding lol, but i can take it seriously in this composition. Your square (i think) synth plays a nice little tune.

The harmonics in this piece are well fitted and gel well to give that overall powerful in space feel. like you have been told, reverb will add depth to your instruments.
And i know it is a little corny, but could i advise some kind of a spacey jingling synth. one that plays a twinkly little sound, i dont mean a bell. this could be representitive of the stars within space.
Also add some wacky sound effects. i think to keep this piece interesting it could have more ideas added in.

BUT ANYWAYS! i like what you have here. it is absolutely splendid. and i think i can safely say you have definately earned the 10 and 5. :D:D:D
stalagmite. :D:D:D

SFaPiL2 responds:

"i think [...] the guitar [...] is VERY overpowering.": True. I noticed it the day after the project was over and done with (after listening to it 30 times while making it, my head was a mush I could barely judge if the melody was good or not).

"some [...] slides to sex the guiar": I wanted to, but I had a hard time trying to find a way to do it. It wouldn't work the same way as with the other presets, so I just gave up.

"Your drums arent quite as powerful as they could be": hmm... this makes me wonder... how does a drum beat become "powerful"? Maybe I'll make another experimental song one day to make some tests.

"could i advise some kind of a spacey jingling synth": hmm... another interesting suggestion. Some thoughts came into my mind of what I could've done with them.

"wacky sound effects": NO! I'm afraid of using them not only because they'd make a song go from serious to ridiculous, but also because the sound effects are usually very common (making the space theme a little bit of a cliché).

Thank you for making me deserve the 10 and 5 [even if imo 10=without flaws... which it's not :oP ]. When a score is justified it holds a huge value to me.


bastard of the guy below :P

for doing such a review :p now what can I say.......

I prefer the beginning of this version much more spacey sounding....

that bassy guitar by 1:22, didn't really go with the rest of the song, sounded more like a distortion in it :S

about the end :

you should lower the guitar sound by a little but continue with, then start lowering the rest, and as you do it, start raising the volume of the guitar but doing some kind of build-up with single note plays until it reaches the culmination....that is, when the rest is faded out and you managed to put the guitar doing the rhythm that she does by 0:58 and on some others parts, so when you build-up do a melody that combines and shows that its progresses to the final stage

and that should be a nice ending, if I didn't wrote wrong the idea I'm having........

SFaPiL2 responds:

I kindof get what you mean, but (as I said to MusicIsBliss) I ran out of ideas about the ending and couldn't find any valid concluding riff without making it sound bad.

I'll keep in mind this structure and see if I can actually apply it to a song ending: i.e. alternating the fade of the different instruments and while some fade off others fade in in order to create a transition to the concluding riff [ easier said than done ;o) ].


P.S. I understand the whole bass thing, but after I tried 5 different instruments (and failed miserably) I sticked to the original and applied some (very) slight changes to it.


you have a good idea of what a good song has. A lot of echo and tricks used with it. First things first, for the beginning of the song, it came off a little loud. For at least the first couple of hits you may want to slap a filter on it, would really help.
Also the delay you have going off your first 2 instruments, there should be an option to reduce the volume of the initial echo by a certain amount, I recommend you use this. I know you wont want to, but it helps distinguish the beat a little more, and if you want it to last as long, just reduce the decay a little bit.
I notice yes, a lot of delay, but not much reverb, with a song like this, you will want a reverb. Reverb will fill in those empty spaces in the song, and just make it feel that much more fill. Lead instruments will want about 6 ms of reverb, low and high shelf reduced a bit. The more background instruments probably want 1.5 seconds or so of reverb, and have a lot of low, or high, depending on what the song needs at the time.
I really like the high BP'ed echo on that one instrument, I'm guessing its a preset installed into the instrument, i don't care, its awesome.
Your drums are fine for now, very minimalistic, and fits the song perfectly. your high hat seems very out of place in parts, sometimes you need to EQ the shit outta that bastard to get him out of the way, and usually chorus/flanger/phaser it back a bit, adds a nice bit of LFO diversity if you do the latter.

finally, the Slayer. Please don't.
Use one of the string samples, or even the Sytrus, and add some distortion to it.
You will want to DL some different distortion VST's and try em out, one of the keys in your distortion is to not actually distort it too much, just enough to make it sound like a guitar.
i suggest tubeBaby for high high guitars, fuzz plus for pretty much anything.

also, fade outs are cheesy and from the 80's, don't do it, its a trap.

Oh, and thanks for that review you gave me. Probably the most useful review I have ever gotten.

SFaPiL2 responds:

Wow, thank you VERY much. This review's a gold nugget of info. I'm taking notes and trying to imagine where I was supposed to do those things in FL. Unfortunately the demo FL studio 8 doesn't let me save projects so this one's over and done with :'(.

Replying to some parts:

"...there should be an option to reduce the volume of the initial echo by a certain amount... I know you wont want to...": Oh, trust me, if I had the chance to modify this project I would've at least given it a try :o).

Regarding the echo delay and reverb bit, I'm still new to that stuff. I must learn from some tutorial somewhere. I'll definitely keep those tips in mind for future creations, tyvm.

Regarding the Slayer generator. Really? Does it sound that bad? I thought that everything else (guitar-wise) except for the electric guitar in sytrus sucked ass.

Last thing. About the fade out... I ran out of ideas ;o). Consider it was 2:30 AM when I was still on this and said to myself "fuck this, I'm done."

"thanks for that review you gave me. Probably the most useful review I have ever gotten.": I believe that music reviews should help the artist evolve. This review you wrote is the best example of what I aspire in a review I write... thank you.

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