Broken Windows (demo)

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Hi, I'm a fat, southern guy with some guitars, a computer, an a free recording program called Audacity. I hope you enjoy my stuff, and if you don't. Tell me why you don't. Just tell me. It's okay. You won't get flamed. Really. Just tell me how you think I could improve.

Anyway, this is a song written by my friend John. He wrote the lyrics (I changed them only slightly), and I wrote part of the music. The lyrics (the original version by John), are below. This recording is just a demo.

Broken Windows

When all starts to fail
You blame it on the world
It's sad that I can tell
That you're a lonely girl

In your mind you say that you need me
But in your heart it's not the truth
When the world can see what I see
Then everyone will turn blue

Broken windows lie inside your heart
And I'm the one who threw the stone
It was over for you from the start
The funny thought is you're alone

Sex rests on your mind
Your twisted and broken
Just hung up to dry
You treat it like a token

I tell you what you want to hear
But still it's not the truth
You drink until the sight is clear
So you still what they want to

Broken windows lie inside your heart
And I'm the one who threw the stone
It was over for you from the start
The funny thought is you're alone


I like it!!!

I like this, its a good song.
SING LOUDER!!!!! And it could
be a great song.

TheHFCB responds:

I know I should sing louder, but thank you.

your a little to quite

I know the conditions that your under .
Im just giving you my honest opinion.
Other than that, I really like it.

TheHFCB responds:

Wrong quiet. Thank you. Also, just so no one misunderstands, I'm not singing loud because my room is not sound-proof and I get embarassed when people I know hear me sing. Stupid, I know.

nice vocal!

But i suggest u keep a more distance from mic!

TheHFCB responds:

Thanks! I'll keep that in mind.

Very nice!

Word of advice though: try not to post songs at this time of night. This is when the zero-bombers come out.

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TheHFCB responds:

Thanks! I should have thought have thought of that when I posted my other songs.


your guitar strums are a little too short in places, and your vocals are too quite :) you sound like you can sing well, so sing louder!

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TheHFCB responds:

Thanks for the compliment on my voice! I would sing louder, but there are people in my house, and I don't like people I know but don't play music with to hear me. I get nervous. I know that's kind of stupid, but I do. I also just learned the words and wrote the music, so I'm still working out the kinks. Also, this is just a demo. When we really record this, it will be electric, have drums, bass, correct level vocals, everything else.

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