[S:C] Gigantic Pentameter

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So yes i know i havent been uploading anyting that is finshed because newgrounds i need your help with suggestions. i dont know where to go with this one.

Its really high powered old school hip hop beats with Opera classical music playing to the beat ... or is the beat playing to the music. YOU DECIDE.

Enjoy and please review i love this one and i really wanna make this one complete and whole for an MC out there



very James Bond-like

awesome work!

impressing song. i like it a lot. Keep it up

You're in the right path so far...

The only thing that could be said that this one that others haven't said in the line of constructive criticism: Make your snare a tad bit more powerful. If you can, try to see if you could get an actual drum hit, and compress it with a slight bit of reverb. There, you should be able to have a heavier sounding drumline.

You have your entire layout down fine for a hip-hop track, so there isn't really any purpose to have 'more transition' if you intend of having an MC on this. The problem with more transition is that it may over power the MC and most people might focus on the beat more than anything.

As far as this track goes, I give a solid 10/10 for the simple fact that everything is on point for an MC to rap on this. The 'shallow strings' as Nomader pointed out aren't shallow at all. If this was to be a classical track, then I would agree with him. But since there's more to this than just strings, you can't really have your strings overpower every other instrument on here.

Kudos to you on this work of art.


SymbolCymbal responds:

It was one of those things that kinda just sticks in the back of your head.. i was so concerned with just making sure the ambience was completely fulfilled i completely ignored that this is a beat oriented song.. i remember mixing it and raising the levels of the drum patterns. I didnt think they were enough..I always focus on the bass drum more than the snare.. im in a band and to jam with a bassist mean you have to give him solid bass drum... So yeah bass drum is stuck inside my personality as a musician.........
i tried old school for the first time on this one so i think i did OK..

But yeah .. the snare definitely needs to have more presence. it doesn't crack through the rhythm like an old-school song should..

The shallow string that nomader pointed out i have been working on... the only problem is i would have to put samples there instead of what i wrote.. i dont think im ready to go into the world of samples/... unless im getting paid! LOL....

I want to thank you for noticing the effort and work put into the simplicity that is this track ....

.............WOW you called it art.. so ... im ... like.... an artist? SWEEEEEEEET! HAHA



very good for disturbing things, sounds awesome. by that i mean redemption collabs, action, great job.

Very relaxing.

This song was actually very relaxing to listen to. I don't know how long I let it play, but I at least let it play over about 5 times while surfing around on the BBS and everything.

You can really hear the old school hip hop in this submission. I don't know what else you could really do to this submission to make it better because personally myself I rather enjoyed the way it sounded. Also, I don't know anything about music. :P

Sounds like it would be pretty good for credits of a submission. All around good song. (the reviews below me are huge D:)

~ Review Request Club ~

SymbolCymbal responds:

True to your form corky. You never let me down for a review. even when the request club has seen better times.

Im very glad you enjoyed this little piece.. i guess every musician always wants to create an atmosphere or and image or even just a slight feeling when someone listened to a creation.
Im very glad i had made a placid moment for you.

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Mar 6, 2009
7:57 PM EST
Hip Hop - Olskool
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