Jxl180 - Tranquility

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I whipped this up in about an hour and a half, maybe 2 hours. Just listen and relax.

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I approached this one differently. I listened to it about two or three times and really didn't like the way that it sounded. I then let it play about ten times through while lurking the BBS and voting on some submissions and noticed that it really does sound pretty good.

It has this sort of calming affect and is really relaxing to listen too. It also has a very dreamy feeling to it like your floating off into space while sleeping. Really not a bad song at all and I recommend to people song carefully.

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jxl180 responds:

Thank you! And that was exactly what I was going for! Not a song that keeps repeating with a set pattern, but one that flows through in a relaxing way. Also I wanted the song to progress, so I made it not repeat like a traditional song. Thank you for really taking the time to listen to it!



make all one bpm, it seems off, idk. turn up synths, make the kick softer, don't distort so much, make the song flow like hot butta, lol. This song would be great with a lil editing. thanks for sending me an email, peace

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jxl180 responds:

Thanks for the review.

2 hours... needs a bit more

To be completely honest, the bells could have been left out. They only serve to further the dissonance between the melody and the beat.
The middle is great, but the bass/kicks need to match up with the notes in order to keep your audience's ear.
The ending is %99 percent perfect! If you could spend a couple more hours polishing this, you would have an amazing and spectacular version of this.

jxl180 responds:

Thanks for the review,

It doesn't work together.

As DJZeaklous said, the songs rythym patterns of the instruments do not conform to eachother. He said it perfectly fine. The tinking/xylophone sound is too slow and more spread out than the bass and harmonic rhythm, which is faster and more organized. Then at 1:35 you come in with another sound that doesn't match either of the song's other two main sounds. more sychronizing and pattern matching work and you can make this sound much better.

Needs work

The intro is bad. It is too random especially the little tinks and tambourine thing.
No build up.
The bass is too fast.
Again, it is random and doesn't fit together well.
Needs a lot of work. Some sounds are good though.

jxl180 responds:

This review needs work. I have no idea what you are talking about, nor will I ever since you don't say specifically what's wrong.

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Mar 6, 2009
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