Rush Of Fire

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This is another project I have created via Powertab and Acid. Drums are the acid contribution and all the music is powertab.

Again, the MIDI samplings keep it feeling very game-ish, so aspiring game creators could use this no problem.

Or if you feel like you need inspiration to go questing in your city for something, this should get the job done. I may be changing the drums quite a bit. This is what I decided would work fine for now.

Well, enjoy and let me know your thoughts on it.

Oh another note is it's supposed to loop a bit after the intro organ finishes hence the abruptish ending (again, intended for games and the like)

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Aha, fire

I've been looking for music for my elemental-themed game and had gone through a couple hundred looking for 'fire'. Don't know exactly why, but this one feels like fire to me. Very nice!

Sounds good.

Kinda sounds like a bit of Mardek with your touch and a little Runescape. The flute thingy at :24 kinda sounds like Runescape, I kinda hate Runescape. But since this song is strong enough to kick ass then its a plus!
My points: Good song 7, Runescape reminder -1, Its still kicks ass +1 =8!
It would be cool if you tuned this into a battle theme.

Diniden responds:

XD I hate runescape too, but I didn't play it enough to familiarize myself with the music. Sorry for the allusion to said game : P I did this song with more inspiration from Super Nintendo games (the age of great gaming) along with my personal inspirations in instruments overall : )

I'm glad the songs awesomeness overruled the runescape downside~

When I remake it, i'll eliminate runescape for good from it : )

You're getting somewhere, that's for sure!

The overall sound is good, one thing you could keep in mind for coming releases though, to make the sound more dynamical, is to vary the velocity from note to note, it's a great thing to make the music sound less static. Also try adding a slight reverb to the static sounds to make it sound even less static. I liked the drums though, they were very shifting from one piece to the next, and even stopped for some moments to give a break in the song. Compositionwise I like parts of it, while other parts left me pretty uninspired, but if you follow my advice your sound can pack a whole 'nother punch the next time around. Keep up the music, I can hear you have talent =)

Diniden responds:

Well, it's hard to see what you mean by velocity...I suppose you mean the rhythm? Or the dynamics? If you meant dynamics I actually put quite a bit in there, but power tab renders dynamics like trash :P

If you meant rhythm, well, it's something I'm working on...but I kept it solidly "rock" rhythmic which is definitely a dull "stick to 8th and 16th notes" typically. I was not enitrely happy with what I did with the flutes in the second half/movement of the piece, but the last stretch was where I was starting to get frustrated with the time consumption XD

Reverb would be great to add if power tab wasn't so powerless : ) I'm going to redo this song in Fruity Loops when I get the time....better samples and better control....

And thanks for the input ^_^, my next piece is going to be mellower than this one but it's going to be a definite solid work. Which will also be done in Fruity Loops which will bring a whole new level of amazing to it X_X


this is beast it could deffinally b used 4 rs. good job. keep it up.

Good... good...

I like this... made me a bit nostalgic of the North American version of Final Fantasy III. Unfortunately, that could also be a bit of a bad thing. I know you said that you were keeping it game-ish with your MIDI's, but I think you might want to consider doing a few things: finding some better patches, playing with the current patches a bit, or just dropping back completely into full-out MIDI feel.

It just sounds too much like something that would come out of my old, yellowing SNES, while also sounding like a half-hearted attempt at making it sound real. I don't mean that as a huge critisism, but a relatively small one - I think that you should essentially either try and make it much more realistic or completely MIDI. The mix of the two sounds is just confusing.

The song itself is great - I think it works really well for the situation you've described.

Power to you, Diniden!

Diniden responds:

Hey thanks for the advice. I completely agree with you and had this in mind when I made it. My problem is I don't have money for anything really that great and I also don't really know where to look in the digital world for programs with good samplings to use for orchestra etc. Do you have any programs in mind that would have better samplings that would either be relatively cheap or free? I can even break away from MIDI samplings if you know something good.

Main reason for the MIDI also is the power tab program works with a music staff (a lot of other programs just use the annoying piano set up) If you know of a better sampling program that uses a staff that would also help me a lot.

Thanks again for your reply : )

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