C2 - Say "farewell" to...

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Chapter 2 - Say "farewell" to...
- Ha-ha-ha!!! Seems you didn't get it! - heared Isildar shadow's whispering voice again, when he chanted fire arrow at it.
- You can't beat me! Not now, not here... not YOU!!! - and a loud laughter could be heared again. Shadow waved its sword to the Isildar, and a big wave of dark energy rushed to him with a huge speed. And a few a few more clefts appeared on the barrier around Isildar, when it touched it.
- That's bad, - whispered Isildar to himself, thinking about the way of defeating the shadow. But it seemed, like there was no such opportunity. Isildar united his arms again, and chanted a spell. Swarm of fireballs flew towards shadow... but some of them were blocked by that sword, another part was simply dispelled and the rest just had no effect on shadow after impact.
It took no time for shadow to counterattack. A wide slash crashed Isildar's barrier, and he was thrown back.
Isildar heared that mocking laughter again.
- Say "farewell" to your life, mortal, - said it and raised its sword.
- Thanks, but I prefare to say it to this world, - answered Isildar with smile on his face and concentrated his magical energy. And when shadow's sword went down, it pierced only air.
- So, you managed to escape...

- Bad dream, - murmured Isildar, breathing hardly. Then he stood up - he had plans for today. There was only one place in whole City, where he can find a help. Concestor Order.


It took a minute and forty-six seconds to write,

I thought it would take a minute and forty-six seconds to read. Huhuhu

I don't really understand how the dialogue in this description has anything to do with this. This isn't bad 90's RPG music, but it really lacks any feel, rhythm, or theme.

I would assume that the game that accompanies this is making an ironic joke about RPGs, because that is the only discernable feel from this music, I don't envision an epic LotR battle, a rly kawaii love scene, or even asians with really crazy hair hurling hyper-destructive balls of energy at eachother. What am I supposed to feel while listening to this? You shouldn't have to tell me :)

Monceber responds:

Yep, bad for me, but you're absolutely right. When I finishedit and listened to it, it seemed a good one piece... But after submitting and reading rhe story again - yeah, it realy suits to the story. Thx for review

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