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Rising Anxiety

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Hey guys, I've finally started learning how to use Reason! =D

Edit: I decided to work on the song some more, and I ended up doubling the length and adding a ton of stuff. In total this song took about six hours of work; time well spent in my opinion. Reason's a ton more fun than Audacity because it's much more involved and definitely more powerful.

Please re-vote if you already did so, review, favorite if you like it, etc. Thanks again! =D


It's okay

This song has some potential but it needs loads of tweaks.


1) Those effects in the beginning have a good epic feel and could definatly be editied to lead to something neat.

2) The arp in the background is kind of cool, try using a different sound for it though and also adding more patterns to it.

3) The bass in the beginning is also cool


1) That weird string thing that comes in after the intro is kind of weird and annoying/repetitive

2) Those drum samples don't sound technoey at all, try using samples that sound relevant to the genre.

3/5 - The song has some good qualities but needs a serious re-do with a different composition, sounds and samples

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Not very bad

This could have actually gone somewhere if you added in maybe 1 extra bass beat at the end of this. The drums and synth sounding off together made this sound like a pretty retro song like something from maybe the FF series before it went 3D or a game that had involved using your brain to solve puzzles as well.

While it may not have been a long song it seemed to capture a subtle amount of creativity as well as thoughts. Seems like a song to chill out to as well or maybe just creep people out with.

Overall it wasn't too bad but could have used a bit of improvements.

Looking forward to seeing better tunes from you in the future.
Have a nice day


TwilightShade responds:

By "the end of this", do you mean each individual repetition, or the end of the song as a whole?

Yeah, I'm learning how to use Reason and create electronic music in general. I have a ton of ideas in my head that would most likely put this song to shame, but I find it tough expressing them or finding the right sounds to do the job. I'm taking a basic music theory class next year, and then hopefully again my freshman year of college.

Thanks for the review; it's helpful and good to know that you see creativity; no matter how little. I try to be different when I make music; there's too much of the same garbage nowadays, and I wanna try to reverse that a little bit.

Not bad.

With a title like this you would expect a build up effect and you used one quite well in this song for a little bit. I was expecting it to go crazy towards the end of the initial build up that you had, but you let it relax a little bit. So you let it build up like rising anxiety, let it build up, and then you just let it die back down before it really hit it's climax in my opinion.

Other than that it has a nice tune to it and it sounds like you did a great job. I just thought it needed to be finished off with something bigger than what you used.

~ Review Request Club ~

TwilightShade responds:

Thanks for the review.

Although rising anxiety does constitute a buildup, which was the main focus of the song, it doesn't always have to explode. Sometimes things can settle down before that point is reached, but I understand your stance. I could definitely see a more explosive climax improving the song.


That's what I use. Im gonna look and see if you have any fully fleshed out songs. This coulda been a buildup intro to a whole song.

TwilightShade responds:

I haven't made anything complete using Reason yet; all my other tracks are made using Audacity.

As for the buildup, I agree completely. I'm just having a little trouble getting the hang of the overall program.

Thanks for the score though. =)

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Feb 28, 2009
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