Dance of the leaves (DEMO)

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heh, this song i made while thinking of autumns leaves. how they shine throughout the whole summer and even, when its their time to leave, they make it so beautifully.

it made me think of us, humans. how we should, too, shine as much as we can throughout our lives summer, was it then raining or thundering, we should always keep our roots hard and never give up. with time ... to grow into something beautiful...something beautiful that nature has created.

shouldnt, we too, live end of our lives, with grace and beauty... just like the leaves do when they know their time to leave comes soon. even when they fall to the ground, we still remember how beautiful they were and how soothingingly they shined through their lives. I think we all hold this beauty inside us... we all have our roots... and we all can make our lives beautiful example... just as nature can, year after year. ^_~

... just few quick thoughts, its only a demo song so haha. XD SkaleTracker, long job. ^^'



For a demo this is quite intriguing, enjoyable and astonishing to ones' mind, body, and soul. I know I tire you of my long reviews ^_^ so I shall make this one short and sweet. Fantastic work on this can't wait to hear the finished version and keep going my friend you have more potential in your pinky than most people do in their whole body! Again wonderful work from you my friend keep it comin!



i cant wait to hear, no experience, the completed version of this.
this is so peaceful and calming, i already explained it all a few weeks ago in a message as you know.


The balance on this is great - and I love the effects. You've done a great job mastering this.

However, there are two things I would like to suggest. The first involves panning: I really like the effect you've managed to get by swinging the panning back and forth, but it gets to be almost too much when you bring in your violin. You might want to consider decreasing the amount of the swinging panning there - but don't remove it. Just consider lightening it up a bit.

The second thing is something I think could be added - depending on where you feel you want to go next. I get the feeling that you were just coming up on a strong, inspiring section at the end of this demo. If this is the case, you may want to think about making your bass a little stronger (maybe not right away, but with a fade in). So maybe add some double-bass pizzicatos (I think you already have some pizzicatos there, but they sound like cellos... double bass could just be added to double the cello part for that), and potentially have a nice solid, big bass drum beat in the distant background on the bar... some timpani three-note sixtuplet crescendos leading into those beats would definitely give it a nice, almost subsonic push to it... give it that feeling of a strong heartbeat - and it would give you the potential to bring the song into one of those MASSIVE moments where people's hair stands on end, they get shivers, and are utterly blown away.

I'm not joking when I say this has HUGE potential. I really want to hear this when you're done with it. As it stands... wow. I love this piece. On behalf of Newgrounds and the entire global musical community... I salute you.
10/10, 5/5, DL, Favs.

Power to you, Skippy Fox!

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SkippyFox responds:

haha the fun thing in my music making is that my theory knowledge of it, is minimal XD i create everything by touch and feeling, while letting my heart just dance around how it feels to create. ^_~ Imagination, feelings...emotions... i just wish to bring them to everyone to feel. ^-^' thank you for your super advices, i need to write them somewhere. X) Ooooooo i'll get this done...as soon as i get my music equipment on my new computer haha XD ... never rush, take a cup of tea and enjoy they morning breeze and take time with giving the soul to the music, thats the way i like it ^_~...even though its extremely slow and lazy way haha XD

Thank you for your super review!! it means a lot to me! ^-^

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