Crown of Shattered Glass (Ins)

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ARKÄHNVM - Crown of Shattered Glass

Sound quality sucks because the song is so long and the size limit is so small D: From my depressive black metal project, ARKÄHNVM. Currently without vocals because it's hard to find a time to do them when my parents aren't home. Expect something like Leviathan or Xasthur. \m/

Guitars and bass played by myself. Drums and synth/keys labored upon in Fruity Loops.


\m/ black fucking metal \m/

the drums have been discussed so i won't go there... they're actually not that bad... they probably can go up a bit in the mix... but only a bit.

this is meant to be black metal, so i would agree with you about the guitar sound... fuck man, i remember the first time i heard Ulver's album "Nattens Madrigal"... i nearly shit my pants at the feral tone... it was pure evil. So if anything, make it more lo-fi.

repetitive... well, a bit... but it's black metal!!! it's the shit!!!

well done on your getting your first track up here :D
you might struggle to build a massive fan-base... but i'm digging your shit, so keep posting.

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Elvenefris responds:

Thanks :) I'm glad someone else on Newgrounds has an appreciation for the grim and frostbitten. :D

I expect the scores to go even lower once I add vocals. For some reason, people are even more particular about black metal shrieks than they are about death grunts. :P

Some pointers...

For 'laboring' on the drums, they sure don't sound that great.
No offense, but they need a lot of work.
For one, they're extremely quiet. The kick and snare need to come up about 6-9dB, possibly more. The cymbals only need to come up about 2-4dB.
The guitar tone is very fuzzy/trebly. How are you recording? I know how to get amazing guitar tones for free, using excellent tools off the Intertubes; just PM me for a detailed walkthrough.
I would comment on the bass guitar, but I can barely hear it; it needs to come up quite a bit.
The structure is quite monotonous; some changes during the longer riffs would be nice. This has already been pointed out; just though I'd reiterate. =]
You've got a great idea here; the execution needs a lot of work, though.
Hopefully this review helps. And don't hesitate to PM me, if you'd like that help with your guitar tone.
Metal! \m/

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Elvenefris responds:

Using Line 6 guitarport for direct recording. Guitar tone is washed-out and fuzzy on purpose, the final mix should be even more lo-fi. I'm not going for ear-candy here, but black metal :P

I know the drums suck shit. It's my first attempt at programming a full song, hopefully I can come up with some more creative fills and tweak the sound a bit. I went for the more simplistic, Xasthur-style drums anyways, simply to get the song done. There's something about just getting your first song done that it made me forego the perfectionism.

I agree about the bass, though nothing particularly interesting is going on with it anyways.

Thanks for the advice.

Not Bad

There was a lack of rhythm at one point, and the drums aren't very good, but thats understandable. Kinda repetitive though. Still good song otherwise.

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Elvenefris responds:

Haha, I'm aware of the drum problem. I kind of focused mostly on getting the tone of the kick right, and rushed the composition because I was dying to get my first real song done. I think I'm going to make some changes in addition to putting some vocals in when I upload the revision.

Also, the song structure will probably be less repetitive, as I may put more guitar leads in. There was a bass solo/break in the original, as well as a Cernunnos "Perpetual Avalon"-style tremolo picking bit near the end which cut into a riff heavily influenced by Darkthrone. However, after getting an opinion from a friend, I decided to simplify the song structure a bit to make it more cohesive and have a singular theme.

I think the lack of rhythm you're talking about may be when the drums cut out near the end of the song and the piano comes back in with triplets underneath the guitars' eighth-notes. That or the the synth chords under the verse riff.

Thanks for the advice, man. I'm looking for all of it I can get.

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Feb 26, 2009
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Heavy Metal
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