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New Girl

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Author Comments

Written and Recorded by PublicIndecency, copywrite 2005


what in the cock-loving hell is this?

You tell Me something...
do you actually take reviews/responses so seriously that you've gotta be a complete dickhaed and write a 100 word essay on it. do you actually think that what you've said will make me "see the error of my ways." do you actually think i care. Well you sir, are an idiot. You think its a good triat to just take critizism like you do, at least im not to afriad of some asshole over the internet to give a decent comback. I find it funny that your calling me a loser, telling me to "Get out in the real world and make true freinds" when evidence in your profile and music leads me to believe your a complete video game nerd, an outcast from society, finding solice in electronic devices and virtual reality, asking "why god, why cant i get a girl, why?" This is the first i've been on this site in about a month, i haven't played video games in almost 2 months (infact im selling all my videogames). i guess ive been to busy out in the "real world." As for our music (remember music? the stuff that you where actually supossed to be reviewing in the first place), yes im pissed of when people talk down my music, Becuase i write all of it, unlike yourself, makeing remixes of songs, mostly remixes of videogame songs i might add (which it appears all you did was just put a basic techno/dance drumbeat behind a song, and then put in a couple out-of-place audio clips in everyonce and awhile.

anyway, im tired of wasting my time away writeing this review, i should prolly get back to the "real world" now. I hope you learned a valuable lesson today son.
Im not gonna take shit from a 14 yr old (who looks like a fat 30 yr old) that thinks he's tuff.

Bitch, Pleease

What is this?I can't Beleive you even responded
to my personal opinion.Man You GOT ISSUES.And the
insults you told me.....You are just fighting fire
with fire boy!You just met your match!I dare you to respond to this.I may not be able to hurt you physicly but I can definatly KILL you professionaly.All I need is a response....

TheRealMrPretzel responds:

"i dare you to respond to this.I may not be able to hurt you physicly but I can definatly KILL you professionaly.All I need is a response...."

Oh my i've responded, iguess im gonna hafta hide under my bed now because im so afraid of all the nothing you can do about it. any way...

"And the insults you told me.....You are just fighting fire with fire boy"

if you would like me to believe that you have in no way whatsoever been offend by the harsh reality ive made so clear to you in my response to your original comment, maybe you shouldn't have retaliated to the extend that you did, (commenting on over half of my music) it is obivous that no matter how many times you attempt to make a comeback it will never be up to par with my original response. By the way, you've comment about as much times on my page as "frito_bandito", whom you claim to despise, but now it appears you've gone and done the exact same thing he has. nice job on becoming what you hate, dipshit.
PS: frito_bandito, knows alot about music, he gave me good advice, which has increase the quality of my sound in a huge way.

"You Don't Even Specify much information on your profile.Like a AGE!Thought You Wasn't Afraid Of the internet"

well if you must know my name is taylor cochrane, im 17 (as of augest 12), and i reside in calgary, AB, canada. my hobbies include, music, talking on the phone, partying and fucking your mom in the ass.
Im not afraid of the interenet, i just dont see the point of putting info about my self up hear, theres sites like "nexopia" for that.

"Judging by thr title that's means your homosexual, correct?"


"I Hope You Fail Your Career"

yeah well, too bad voteing zero on every one of my songs wont end my carreer. And dont tell me you didn't cuz i know you did.

As for my songs, if you think i'd put my best songs up on the site for free download you are unfortunatley mistaken. all my bands best songs at the moment are at:
All songs are record at home through my computer, further info is on the site. and by the way im the guy poseing in his boxers for the band pic on the site, just incase your gonna try to say im hiding behind the internet again.


...get rid of the singer, cos the band's good but the singers voice is weak and doesn't compliment the quality of the backing music, plus the vox are to loud in relation to everything else.

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Credits & Info

3.08 / 5.00

Mar 19, 2005
3:13 PM EST
File Info
2.6 MB
2 min 40 sec

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