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Eternal Memories at Midnight

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Author Comments

This is one of the extended and simplified partitions of my larger project, which will likely be in the works for quite some time. This small section will be much more than it is now when it is added to the greater whole.

However, I believe this section makes an excellent ambient video game loop, and I will be using it in my upcoming project as well. It's great for those a huge variety of scenarios: bleak, meaningful, sad, confused, regretful, hopeful, and so many more. I hope this will be put to good use.

Please review this! I'd love to hear anything you have to say.

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Too low sounding

Now i did like the soft feel of this but like another one i think this was just too low sounding, now if thats the intent i understand but i think you should have mixed up the volume sounds, so that it comes and goes or even have build up in it, But regardless of all that this was still a nice and nifty piece you made, just too low but like i said could mix things up, but anyways untill next time good luck.

About low sounding i think you should have mixed up the volume sounds, so that it comes and goes or even have build up in it,


ObsidianSnow responds:

In terms of volume, it's too low because of an export problem I had back when I was using Reason 2.0. I've since upgraded, and no longer have this issue.

In terms of the flow, I agree. It could use a little more diversity. I'm not thinking I'll go back and mess with this one any more, though - this was written years ago. I might still use the theme somewhere in a different piece somewhere down the road, but we'll see.

In any case, I appreciate your constructive criticism, so thank you!

Quite soft, if a little too soft

This was quite a moving piece, but its main fault was that I could honestly barely hear it. Yes, I can turn up the volume but it's a bit of an inconvience. What was the coolest about this was that it consistently kept a very meaningful melody to it. It could have used a bit more variety, but it works well with what it is. I can understand why this would be the extended and simplified version of something. It seems like it was made entirely on piano.

The title itself is very graceful and certainly prepares something nice for the listener. It's hard to tell when this begins or ends so you can really listen to it any time in the song. While not midnight now, it makes me aware of how I am typing this review at night. Speaking of memories, it does remind me of when I used to play the piano. This would probably be better as part of something bigger.

ObsidianSnow responds:

The low volume is actually just an export issue I encountered back when I was using Reason 2.0. It seemed that it wanted to automatically balance the master volume for every export, and brought everything to about this volume. I'd re-export it from Reason 4 now, but NG won't let me edit this song anymore. Too many views, or downloads, or something.

But anyways, thanks for the review, Ericho!


When I listen to this I see some kind of sad ending in something, a book or a movie, a game or in life, this is certainly one of the best small loops I've heard, and for 1:17 it is probably a long loop, but it works.


ObsidianSnow responds:

Thanks for the comments, Gallex. This was one of my first pieces, so although I'm not entirely proud of it anymore, I still really appreciate praise for it. So thank you.

Apologies for not responding sooner. My computer had some problems and I couldn't log in to NG for 2 weeks.

Mind if I use this?

Me and my friend are producing a thirty-minute Flash Animation video to be aired soon. The opening scene requires music to be truly meaningful, and this music is perhaps perfect for the project. Would you mind if we used this song? You would be mentioned in the credits.

ObsidianSnow responds:

Sure, just pass me a PM with a couple details just so I know what's going on (and so I have a record of it). It sounds like it would be put to good use, so my answer will most likely be very positive.

Thanks for the review, LyleAndFed.


This great loop would be perfect
for a game im creating at the
moment :D It seems like a
lost and desolate area.
If i may could i use this?
Msg me back xD.

ObsidianSnow responds:

Sure, I'll send you a quick PM here, too.

Thanks for the response, ScouterProdts.

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Feb 23, 2009
10:52 PM EST
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