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Something new from me.
I'm never gonna have time to do any vocals. Any takers? haha.
Enjoy. \m/

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Nice fuckin' riffs man!
Glad to see you're still kicking the shit out of your guitar!!

5/5 dude man!

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Glad you haven't forgot about us, dude!!\m/

Hell yeah

The beginning was really sad and mellow, I liked it. The those two chords sounded nicely and the progression was quite simple but rather unexpected, I liked the originality. What's more, I liked how you play a 3th major on a related minor chord - I think you played an A (which is the 3th major of F) on a F minor. It added some tension and increased the originality. I'm glad to see that some musicians are still original :P.

The first distortion riff was kick ass and blown my mind, the guitar tone was sweet and the the riffs that were played on the background sounded nicely. Though, I didn't like the cymbal choke at 1:36, the drum kick is missing there. The other riffs sounded very old school and I liked it, some reminded me of Metallica and some other of Black Sabbath lol.

The clean part near the end was sweet as heck, the bass and the clean guitar fitted each other very well. The delay guitar was beautiful, I remember you told me that you reversed the guitar yourself and then you added delay, it's pretty well done, I would have hardly noticed :P.

The the biggest problem with this song (and your songs in general) are the drums. You are using EZDrummer so they sound like EZDrummer so that's not my problem. My "problem" is that the programming seems to be a bit rough. Let me explain my point. Sometimes some cymbals are missing at the beginning of an important bar, sometime the kick doesn't fit the riff very well - I thinking about the first distorted riff of that song, the riff is very rhythmic and it would have been better to have the same rhythm with the kick, but that's just my opinion x).

As a conclusion I would say it's a pretty kick ass song, I see a lot of effort regarding to composition, the transitions are quite good but need a bit more of work sometimes, the clean parts were excellent and the riffs are always kick ass. Just spend a little bit more time on the drum programming :). Kick ass. 5'd.

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Why thank you sir. Let me answer you by paragraph.

1 st paragraph. You said I was original, and that is awesome. The other stuff didn't make sense to me, because I honestly don't know. haha.

2 Metallica and Black Sabbath...you are my fucking hero.

3 I'm glad you like those parts. I worked hard to get them right.

4 I'm still expanding my programming. I used to be of the opinion, that drums were just providing the beat for the ass kicking guitars. I have learned that without superior playing and or programming to match the riffing, and such...that it just won't be as good. I'm not a drummer, but have been spending a lot of time listening to drum tracks on pro metal songs, and in NG as kickers songs. It will come, my friend. It will come. I also have been exporting my kick, snare, toms as separate tracks from the hats, cymbals and crashes. To make for a way fresher sound.

5 Holy fuck, a fifth paragraph. I look up to your stuff a lot, and pull a lot of inspiration from your tracks. So, no wonder you like mine. hardy har har.
Thank you for the badass review. Much appreciated.


This sounds like a sad song like a break up song...

Then it just goes to rage and fed up enough of this cruel world with out her i have nothing what is there to live for - suicide medicated confussion death..

Seeing is not believing...

oh on the rage mode the rift sound very close to one my rifts song i made in 2007

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

haha, thanks man.
Yeah, its tough to sound original these days. but glad you dig it!!

The lyrics that 14etan made.

The lyrics that 14etan made actually sound really good with the song. It took me about two times through to sing them properly along with the song, but they really do sound pretty good.

The thing is they don't really last long enough to cover enough of the song. The rest of the song just sounds kind of empty, but it's definitely a good start if you ever do want to add lyrics to this.

The song has a great heavy feel to it and I like how it calms down and picks back up every now and then. Like always an awesome song. Keep up the good work with them.

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

You should try some vocals. So I can see what you mean. :P

Thanks, bro. You kick ridiculous amounts of ass.

man this !!!

stared slow and sadly calm and then a good guitar beating

this song just made my day

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Thanks dude. Glad you dig. Review made my day!

Thanks again, man!\m/

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4.76 / 5.00

Feb 23, 2009
7:19 PM EST
Heavy Metal
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