[MvS}(2)Frozen Alone

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This is duel 2 between Mandi and I. The idea is to take a number of criteria and compose for one hour and see what we can come up with. The criteria this time around was chosen by me, which was as follows.

Key- C Minor
Lead Instrument - Oboe/Bassoon
Image- A lonely spirit lives in a giant ice cavern sitting on a large ice block, the place is well lit by refracted and bent light creating tons of shiny and colorful cold surfaces.

Her half is called "A Distant Dream"
The next half is mine called "Alone in Ice"

We hope you enjoy this duel! Let us know who you think won!

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Another Story

I did this with "An Icy Gale" but I feel so inspired by the music. I really hope you don't mind. It is simply amazing work.

Snow blanketed the ground, soft and crunchy beneath my boots. Yet the unease I felt did not match the scenery. There, beneath a pine tree I saw a shape. With bated breath I drew near, and saw the snow around the shape was dyed bright red. Her pale face lay upturned in the snow, long black hair about her head like a mourner's veil, small red lips gasped for air as her chest heaved. My footsteps crunched as I rushed to her side. I knelt in the snow, clasping her hand as she reached for mine, her broken face stretched in a smile. Her green sweater was shredded, the scarf strewn to the side was torn apart, on her chest a deep red hole had been gouged by a bullet, and gushed blood with the beating of her heart. Her legs were bloody and bare, and my eyes could not bare the sight of them. I cradled her trembling frame in my arms, assuring her that things would be okay. She shook her head lightly. My eyes filled with stinging tears as I hugged her close. I had the ring, she had to live. I showed it to her. She kissed me on the mouth and said she would accept. Then she shook and her body went limp. I remained there. Numb and empty for the longest time.

Reminds me of a game...

Secluk's part with the bassoon reminds me of a game that I cant bring to mind, but his half reminds me more of a lonely gray island where there is constant, depressing rainfall. Mandi's half captures the more fragile, crystalline environment of an ice cavern, so I would have to agree with PGegen and say the victor is Mandi. ( I love all of your music though.)

MaestroRage responds:

That's perfectly alright! Thanks for your vote and the review! Glad you liked it!

YAYAYAY selcuk wins

well i just think that selcuk got the cavyness of ice thing down well with the chimes and also captured the use of the lead instrument better(sorry Mandi lol) althouhg i think that if Mandi had used lower notes in some spots on maybe...the ..............hmmmm well i think that the ...lute would have actually been great(or the mandolin) but i dont know if u had these in ur free soundfont things so lol (love mediavl instrument go lute!!!)


sorry Mandi but this one goes to Maestro. His piece just seemed to fit so. . . right. idk but that's just the way it is lol 10/10 5/5


Overall I like both of the compositions - you both (rightly, I think) wrote softer, slower pieces that express that lack of movement and activity in the image. I like the higher chime-like sounds in "Alone in Ice" that really express the crystalline, fragile nature of the environment.

My one small criticism would be that I'm not sure that using counterpoint around 2:36 is very effective. The lonely spirit is alone, so having two melodies working together does not seem appropriate.

Great job overall, though.


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Feb 23, 2009
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