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For, LubLub194.

Hey LubLub, I know how you feel, I know that you are going through some hard times, it seems to me.
And I know that sometimes, all you have to do is just listen to a happy song, or watch something happy.
And I know this will cheer you up, I poured alot of time trying to master this and make it sound good, just for you. I thought this might cheer you up a bit. So to ALL my fans, I bring you my first Happy Hardcore!

Please, Review, rate, comment, favorite, and most of all, enjoy.

P.S. Sorry it's short... I couldn't think of anything else...


Hapy music

sometimes its nice just to stick some interesting sounds into a well known chord progression, and just make a nice sounding song. And this does exactly that. Theres some nice mastering here as well, you can hear the extra effort thats gone in. The piano is a nice little touch, gives it more of a happy hardcore vibe.
A little hint, if you want to make a really upbeat soft piano part, add a load of reverb, then put it over a pad (look up Kaechi! Teochi! Yoshi! by Yoshi J and you'll really see what i mean).
Looking at your stuff your very good at setting a good vibe for a song, the only thing i can say to think of is the actual melody, though they are good, i still haven't heard one i thought was special. Not trying to be too critical because mine are no better, aha, just the area i feel you need work on to start turning out some really top of the range songs.
Anyway, i really enjoyed that, glad i had a listen :)
And keep it up! :) haha


Appreciated all the variation and the melody to it.

I think that 0:42-0:56 time-segment was left a little empty too quickly. I personally would've made a transition by fading the previous melody in background (not remove it entirely) and in the meanwhile I would gradually modify the cutoff and resonance in such a way that it would've linked to the 0:56-1:09 time-segment (hope it was clear).

Apart from that, the melody is dynamic and fun. I especially liked the two synths you made; they're pretty original and fit well in the song.

Good job.

Sacrafan responds:

sorry, i couldnt respond quickly, i'll do this by section.

Thank you alot!! =D

I see what you mean... i dont know how to create an automation with an external vsti like Vanguard.... I could probably figure it out, i know where the cutoff wheel is...

I loved those synths too! lol... i wish my comp hadn't crashed, i would remake it...

Thank you. i rate this review:
imma check ur music now!

Ur a dum face

JaneIsHot.... awesome song u dickphlegm. I like ur song doctor proffessor dick weed. Keep it up! holmeslicers.

Sacrafan responds:

Sup alex?
Jane IS hot!


improve it! more sounds

Sacrafan responds:

Like SFX and stuff?
Yeah, i do that after my WIP

This isnt a WIP...

you made my day!

wow i was having such a horrid day, & was like let's go on newgrounds! so then i was looking @ random songs and this one caught my eye somehow.... i play piano so when i heard the piano segment, i was like, this is awesome. it's so happy and (pun) loopy lol

GREAT SONG all in all. :D

Sacrafan responds:

Thank you so much! :D

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Feb 22, 2009
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