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This is a slow piece that took a while to compose. I especially enjoyed making this piece because
i could do so much with it without adding more and more instruments. well, hope it freaks you out. lol.
P>S> long Intro! but neccesary i feel.
Also ending sounds a bit like that "goldfrappa Ooh la-la" was a clear influence lol.
please comment.

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Very mystical.

This piece sort of takes you on a magical adventure.I like adventures, and so I like this piece. Its really unique sounding. It also gives off this mystical feeling. Sure, its not as deep or meaningful as your other pieces, but its still awesome in a different way. I actually didn't even mind the little techno electronic sounds, which I usually hate. I guess you just used them right. I like how the fading in and out constantly. I forget the word, I think its dynamics. But yeah, it adds a sort of extra beat or pulse to the song. The transitions are very nicely done as well. Definitely one of the better pieces on Newgrounds. this sounds perfect for some sort of flash.

this is the best review i've given you in a long time. sorry for keeping you waiting and all. haha. ill get something recorded for you to listen eventually, i just don't want to do it through my current system as it produces bad sound quality, and you can hear me picking the notes, which even when i edit and use click removal ten times over, doesn't get rid of. i will make sure my first submission isn't too bad. but maybe i could do something with fruity loops before then. anyways, its nice to see that you can continue to make great pieces. keep it up! :D

5/5 (+0.046)

Stalagmite responds:

haha you are sorry for a delay? like it was an inconvenience rofls. man, if you reviewed me next year i would still squizzle my panties lol. its certainly not deep music, i like to think to this sort of music, clear and stern. but yeah its not epic or anything, just easy listening i think :D
i dont keep track of the quality of your reviews, but i value all said in them so whatever you say will make a difference! :D i look forward to the day you get your bits and bobs sorted, and i can finally listen to your skills!

i dont really make music anymore though. i stopped when my computer died. i occasionally make a piano tune, but it is never on this site... always in vein i think, you make it, gets 0 bombed, and it DOES matter, because then no one hears it. and its the equivalent of having an awesome song without the audiable volume. pointless and depressing lol.
i dont make music for anything really, i just play to chill myself out. :D wow i ramble on for ever... thanks for this solid review! really lovely to hear from you again! if you ever are interested in connecting more direct i am open to anyone, but i understand and respect peoples privacy and how forward i tend to want to befriend someone lol.........whatever man, your desicions are final and your reviews are awesome :D beaver out!

Very Very nice.

at 0.53 it reminds me of the film beetle juice, ever see that film? well i like how this song is sorta weird yet cool at the same time. ^.^ You're very talented <3

Stalagmite responds:

beetle jiuice! lol! yeah i have seen it! it has stuart littles big lipped mum in it! lol. GOD she is MINGIN! HAHAHAHAHAHA... i have a friend who i told she looks like her.... she thought it was a compliment. LOL. and now i sound like a BITCH... HAHAHA.... funny but sadly true. zzzzzzzz! thanks chicky!


Very very good song, deserves the good ratings it's been getting.

You are talented!

5/5 10/10.

Stalagmite responds:

lol. this is a weird song lol again.
im glad your pleased with it bud. :D lol. (again)
it did take ages to compose. thanks for the ratings again!


i might just download this later. i like the mystic feel this has and the slow echoing effect deffinelty add a nice fell.

Stalagmite responds:

thanks alot for your review mate. it is one of my best songs so far. I too like the weirdness. My fav bit is the Synth Drop into the beat. Maaaaaaaaaaooooow! :D

Well constructed.

Mystilizer provides a wonderous variety of sounds and rythms. The emotion and aura of the piece flunctuates giving it a naturally diverse construct. The lack of needless repetition allows for this piece to be listened to over and over again. Well constructed.

Stalagmite responds:

thank you so much for your wonderul input! You seem to understand this piece better than I! lol. take care. :D

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4.90 / 5.00

Feb 21, 2009
3:56 AM EST
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