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There is irony in the title.

Another chapter to the musical story which can be found here.

http://mrmilkcarton.newgr ounds.com/news/post/25335 8

An on going project.


Or freedom

There are many reasons why thie piece is exceptional....instead of having the music solely give the feel by adding the footsteps running and everything else you create a tangable story..something we as listeners can feel and see and smell..imagination is a wonderful thing when harnessed correctly..

I don't necessarily see a negative ending but with the apparent detonation and the bomb timer going off it leaves little to chance when considering this piece...

personally i feel it would have served the whole better to leave the ending open ended but as said that's my opinion..

A brilliant piece by all accounts

Until next time

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Very Clever

This is well mixed and I could imagine myself listening to this over a movie.

However, I can't help but thinking:

a) You've somehow managed to compromise the top end, with respect to treble - that might be due to you having converted the file to an mp3 (which is a pre-requisite of being able to post the track here, I know.)

b) If you're going to do a sound track, leave the effects to someone else. What you have sounds great, but it limits the artist to syncing up effects to what you've put in there, rather than them adding it in themselves. This is the most important point I'm trying to make:

If you buy something like the Bourne Identity DVD, you hear the music in the background, with overdubbed effects. These effects are added by the sound engineers/production team.

If you listen to the CDs of those movies, there are no sound effects in there - just the instrumental stuff.

I have absolutely no doubt that you have the skills to make a great theme for some sort of movie (whether it be flash based, or otherwise), but leave the effects out and to the guys who like to put those effects where they want them.

Until you do that, you're limiting your audience to just your music - because flash artists, movie directors, etc, like to have music and only music, and add everything else (or dictate to someone who is to do it for them) in themselves.

Just my thoughts. Still really enjoyed the track, though, and I know what you were trying to accomplish, so please take these comments with a pinch of salt.

There's nothing to stop you from submitting two versions of the same track - one with effects and one without, and see what does better, in terms of people who use your tracks and those who listen to them.


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Mrmilkcarton responds:

Thanks for the review. It's more of a self project at the moment and if any flash artist wanted to take it up I would remove the FX and let him or her do it. For now though I want to tell my own story. :)

It's also an experiment to see what people hear in the track and what they imagine. I've had some interesting responses and mini stories come up in the reviews.

Well done

Well done. You managed to get me right into the middle of that thing. Very good. Nearly perfect combination of the various elements and this thing has a powerful feeling in it.

I did however, have a problem with the long start that seems disconnected with the rest of the piece, the walking, the beheading/execution, then the running? The heartbeat? The last beeping? It just doesn't seem to connect. They don't seem all that well integrated into the whole, being separate entities in their own right.

No, I'm not contradicting myself, each element - the running, croud sounds, heart beat, breathing etc, all flow really well together and sound great along with the music. It's just that there are sections that don't seem to fit together all that well, despite a smooth transition.


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Mrmilkcarton responds:

Song = placing the bomb, Alarm, jump out a window, run, stop, click, boom.

Get it now?

Course that's just how I imagine it.


I Loved It And All.

But Sort Of Weird We Both Put Up A Classical Song Today.

Check Mine Out If You Get A Chance. :D

5/5 10/10

3.74 / 5.00 (+ 0.15)


Truly a Masterpiece!

A person sits in a cart driven by a horse....... his legs and hands bounded with chains.
He could hear the people out at the execution place waiting. He can hear them screaming, awaiting the time when justice to be done upon him. He begins to think of all the happy times he had before this while waiting for his time to come.Then, the crowd becomes silent, he's taken out of the cart and brought to the place. His neck is bounded with a noose, the priest saying the prayers that his sins would be forgiven.
Suddenly, all become silent and surprisingly the man could hear his heartbeats and breathing just seconds away from his death. Then suddenly, it is all over.
This is what I imagine when I heard this song.
Keep up the great work!

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Feb 20, 2009
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