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A piece designed to groove your Ghustav, and holst your brain! spelt it wrong propably! oh well. Basically i have recreated the sample of the song which i think is off of the planet suite, with a digital orchestra. This is a piece which i am particularly proud of! i absolutely love it.
It starts how it should. then rocks up with a groovy modernised beat and pizzicato strings! inspired by the sugar plum fairy remix. has a similar feel about it.
Short and sweet piece, just enough not to drag on and repeat itself. it is just a cool idea, not a huge powerful piece.
thanks, and comment COMMENT COMMENT!

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Nice. Not omfg epicly awesome, but nice

first 22 seconds were pretty "bowsery", not that it means anything at all about the rest. It's more like in a video game it starts out zoomed out, or far away, then the camera zooms in towards the character, and the finally reaches the character at 22 seconds. The character starts cheerily running through some form of danger unharmed accross a barren background/setting(i don't know, maybe Mars?) alongside allies, they go through the danger, feel happy for a moment, and then notice more trouble up ahead. Well, thats what I imagined when listening anyways.
Good job, its a nice listen ^_^. It's not the most amazing I've ever heard in my entire life good, but it's nice and feels like the kind of song where i won't like it less after hearing it again and again. Not as good as some of your other songs, but I'd still think you were a good artist just from listening to this song by itself.
Good job ^_^

Tastes nice.

Evil factory that makes bunnies with no anuses, that thus explode after a week. I'm scared. Spoon me... Makes me think of a guy stealing office supplies in a lab, and when the synth goes all BUH BUH! he's staking the Newton's Cradle muhahahaha!

Stalagmite responds:

LOLqite indeedishness =D yay to randomness. but BAAAAAAAAA to your zombie fetish.


yes!!! i found my boss battle music


Stalagmite responds:

YAYNESS!!!!!!! although it is admitedly a little short... Perhaps i can do something about that though =D thanks for the reviews buddy! =D


The rhythm is really engaging [don't want to steal one of your terms, but it's the best word to use ;o) ].

The concept is really interesting and you managed to give the piece a brand new sound. This would be awesome (as MJTTOMB said) in some kind of spy/infiltration scene for some reason. Maybe it's because of those synths or simply because of that flute and xylophone in the background.

Anyway, excellent job!

Stalagmite responds:

yayness! funny thing. i was thinking about you today and how much you helped me. i really appreciate everything you do. you are what i would class as a good Internet buddy!
thanks for the review! i dont think i added any xlophones. but i have pizzicato strings, synths and flutes.
i am glad the beat was kewl. i tried to go for an irregular approach with this beat. i was fed up hearing the same beats lol.

Well thanks again dude! and i am glad it was worthy of one of your tens! :D:D:D


Absolutely love this. You deserve more credit for it as far as creativity goes. I am recently shaking up Beethoven so I know where you were heading. As I was playing this piece my friend walked in and said "You have done brilliantly on this tune Marky" LMAO

Stalagmite responds:

LOLNESS! dudey ! haha. thank you very much. i am glad you have enjoyed it! i really enjoyed the concept, and i loved Holst. especially this one HAHA. thanks again for your review. And as far as your music is concern marky, lol, you are truly talented! i heard the songs dude! awesomeness to the max lol. thanks again mate.

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Feb 19, 2009
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