LOST (for karen)

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A piece designed to create happiness. It is a bouncy and energetic composition. I know its a basic chord sequence. but i absolutely love it! it is an entirely digital compostition, which is why it is not equalised! i am terrible at the technical biz! i would love to learn, but i am trying to animate too! I hope this makes you as happy as it makes me. I created it around year 2001. so i was quite young. :D

This piece is designed to cheer you up, so it is quite cheesey. my dad says it sounds like inspirational soap opera music! lol. he can imagine hillsides and old cottages! Heehee. i dont mind what it makes you think of. as long as it makes you happy! :D:D:D thanks.

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Melts good.

Yay for a flute! Very old school composing here. Nice stuff, wish I could make beats.

Stalagmite responds:

thank you! yes it is one of my first ever compositions i made on CUBASIS! lol. wow... very old school indeed. =D thanks though man!


I absolutely LOVE this, it definitely made happy. ^.^ and it made me think of the same thing as your dad. >.< but it's really nice, i really like this, so saved! ^.^

Stalagmite responds:

haha.. thank you so much chicken! lol... it was one dedicated to my uncle Geremy.
it is a celebration of his life. i am glad you can relate to it :D:D:D

nice very nice

You have some real talent and thanks for shairing it with us

Stalagmite responds:

yay. thanks to you. i appreciate the input :D:D:D and the glorious ratings!!!

Simply Nice

Great music. People forget how much good listening music is. You dont need screaming in your face stuff unless that is what you want. This is just plain good. Would love to see a collection of upbeat stuff like this . some fast some slow but would be good for keeping the stress of work at bay.

Stalagmite responds:

thanks breew! lol. I am glad it is to your liking! i really enjoyd composing this piece... it was created to help people overcome issues... so yes. lol. i hope it helps you get through the stress of work... OH! and if you like ambience, i am submitting some of my Meditation music on 27/2/09, tommorow. :D its not complex, but it is chillin. good background music. sets a real mood.
i am happy you enjoyed this work. It is one of my favourites now! lol. i have grown to like it more thanks to my audience! lol.
Keep it real bro! and thanks alot for the wicked score and comments.

Wait Wait Wait...

The piano is digital? What are you using? I beg you my good sir, tell me what you are using! Because it sounds like a real piano.

As for the orchestration, spot on mate! I love the pan flute. Good lord, it sounds so real as well. I am having a hard time believing this is all electronic media.

I like the whole piece, in every shape and way man. I love the progression you used. You are right, it is a happy sort of progression overall. Gives a nice little effect. Everything is in such good balance here man. Just amazing in every fucking way. I'm rather humbled by this work in particular. I'm not sure anything I've written quite matches up to it.

5/5 and 10/10 overall.

This has been favorited!


Stalagmite responds:

yayness. i am really smiley now! heehee. I beleive this performance was recorded in REASON, not sure which model. but i do know that i changed noggles and toggles around until it sounded right lol. i hate technical stuff, so i guess i just got lucky! heehee. i tend to add a touch of reverb on my piano, and avoid using any notes in pizzicato form unless thats the impression i am trying to put across. also lengthen notes to give the illusion of sustaining a piano key. also, this was a preset. called Grand piano, i think. but i may have gotten the untouched instrument off the internet. I really wish i could tell you more, but i have a memory like a fish named Dory. Literally. Half the time i drift into nonsencical spanners and stew with dumplings..... THANKS FOR DA REVIEW! I AM GLAD YOU ARE PLEASED WIV IT. :D:D:D:D:DSmiles all round!

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Feb 19, 2009
2:51 PM EST
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