Chimera (TSA)

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okay, well i had an epic description here, but then people were like "oooh no, it's wrong" and it affected my score lol

so. i'll leave it to you people

rate and review or zero-bomb like a retard (unless you honestly think it deserves a zero)


EDIT: Changed the trumpets, they still need some work though, now they're kind of obnoxious.



I like obnoxious trumpets... :'(

Lmao! I like this. Very dynamic and emotional. The woodwinds really interweave with the strings in areas nicely.

I love the section starting around the 1:20 mark. Very cool sound there man. It really feels like a moment in Fantasia right there. Like the calm before the storm. And then BAM! Around the 2:00 mark comes the storm. Very nice sir, very nice indeed.

I like the choir. Very dark and somber, and a great way to end the piece.

And in all seriousness, I love the trumpet sound. It gives it a slight vaudeville edge to it. Fucking kickass sound in my opinion. I think there could be more crashes throughout the piece. The gong is a great touch, but I feel the crashes should be coming down like lightning bolts from the sky. Because I really felt like I was in the middle of a storm throughout this piece.

But that is only my opinion of course. Take it or leave it as you will. Overall, this song is badass in so many ways. But here is an idea for ya. What if in the beginning you added some fuzz, to make it sound like it was playing through an old record player? I think that would be EPIC!

I would do it for like the first nine seconds. Then when the gong comes in get rid of it. Does that make any sense? Or am I a babbling moron? Because like I said, I get a very vaudeville feel from those trumpets, especially in the beginning. And that would enhance it even more in my opinion. Just a thought I'm throwing at ya. :-)

I do think it should be expanded horizontally. It is slightly short in my opinion. I would like to hear something around the four minute mark. Give me a new section or two, a bridge even. Something to sink my teeth in even more. But it is really cool as it is now.

4/5 and 8/10 overall. I love this, but I think there could definitely be some very nifty things done to it also.


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Very Nice!!!!

I do like this, very much!

My only real complaint is the begining made it sound very choppy, the notes ended too suddenly.

Other than that, it was awesome!

Keep it up!



I gave you a 5_
because this does not deserve a zero/
With so many parts/movements effortlessly interwoven I can't find fault with the song, maybe just enhance the brass section slightly. The percussion is astoundingly good. 00:40 - 01:20 : amazing/ so cinematic! Brilliant!

The problem is...

You're using presets that do not attack the way you want them to after the beggining. You need to make the high brass REALLY punch at some point in this to get to that "end boss" thing that you want. I personally think that this is pretty good, but definitely get some screaming trumpets over it somewhere.

Crystal (free synth, check kvr) has a pretty "right" sounding trumpet for what you want, just get rid of the tuning weirdness they call "Acid," and you've got it.

5/5 tho this is pretty good.


okay quality, i guess. But it does not potray a boss scene more like a peacful field in a flash movie.

Aeris responds:

really? like at the beginning and such?

it doesn't sound very peaceful to me... cuz it's like the classic final boss thing...

fight, kill, oh j/k he's back.

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Feb 18, 2009
6:21 PM EST
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