Priceless, By F. Spannenburg

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Well, this is the first time for me to upload music on Newgrounds. I was hoping to get some comment and, if possible, to get an idea if people like the music I make. I hope you'll enjoy the music.

Greetz, Folmer Spannenburg



... even if you're supposed to dance with it, it's equally good for the sit-back-and-chill types... wierd.

The transitions are very smooth and seemlessly make the song grow better and better. This reminds me of the good old 90's when progressive trance was my life's soundtrack.

Oh crap, did 5:49 minutes pass by? I didn't even notice! Kudos.

Keep up the great work.

do you have previous FL exp.

cuz this is much better than most peoples first track, unless theyv had previous experience

like this account is brand new of mine, i havnt released a track, but i have exp.


nice chord delay things at :55

you make some nice chill tracks

you should look into a genre called prpgressive trance, your stuff sounds alot like it, but p-trance is much slower, generally, 128-132 bpm

i like your stucture in this one its really nice

all your synths are pretty, and it all sounds fairly well mastered and stuff
i like the outro man, very nice change of pace from the rest of the track

pretty good stuff you got here, keep it up

Tredoran responds:

Yeah i do have pretty much experience @ producing with FL Studio. Used 6, 7, and now using 8. But i really wanted to put it to the test by uploading it to NG.

I thank you very much for your review ^^ I'll try to update my music as much as possible.

Greetz, Tred

Pretty good.

Well, before giving a super fair review, I would have to know a few things:

How long have you been producing?

What program do you use? Sounds like FL, but you never know...

now, onto the song:

1. Good intro.
2. Nice breakdown at first.
3. That effect at the breakdown, the one that comes in, and does a whooshish kinda thing, like an alarm or something, then fades back out. <---That's too loud. And it's also when you kick back in. I'm listening in my headphones so I'm hearing all of this pretty nicely...good and bad part of amazing headphones. ha ha
4. A way to improve is to "fatten" your lead synths. They sound too "default." Maybe a little less saw, more effects put on it to make it interesting to the listener.
5. A sidechained pad would be interesting but not necessary, just a suggestion to a different take on this track.
6. Not EQed very well. I hear a lot of distortion and it's hurting my ears a little, so watch the db meter so it doesn't go red...
7. Nice outro, pretty mixable, which is important for DJs.
8. Nice length to the track. I like my songs a bit longer, actually but that's just me...but it's still better than some 3 min song someone cooks up and throws it on here. *looks away* hahahahha

So yeah. Keep working on this man and I hope you take my advice, it could definitely help you making your stuff sound pro :)

The main thing for this is to master and properly EQ. It will sound SO much better when you do. Just put everything into its own mixer channel and adjust those volume levels so the track is evened. And it WILL sound much better, that's why I'm giving you this advice...lol

So yeah. Nice track, just a few things to work on.

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Tredoran responds:

I have been producing for 8 years now, but the last 3 years with FL studio which this number is made with.

First: Your review was like Whoa! Very helpfull thx for that ^^

Second: How could I porperly use the EQ? What should I do to get the EQ sound better and how should I ajust things?

Well, I think I'll upload more music on newgrounds, and I'm pretty sure that EQ isn't used very properly either xD

Again: Thx! ^^


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Feb 18, 2009
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