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This was my attempt at making a Nu Style kick. I think I did it. I just need to know how to use it.

So, to hear what my kicks sounds like in a song, I usually recreate a song I like. This one came out so good that I had to share it. I hope you like it.

Also, beware of the cheesy ending. It's really cheesy. I'm not even kidding. I laugh every time I hear it.

The song I decided to recreate was "Crump" by the Noisecontrollers. I think this version is really good. Especially when it's loud.

If anybody has professional studio speakers, I'd like to hear what you think about it.

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Candy Spaz

I guess this good to build an animation around because it has two definite parts which come in and go out (Ideal for two fighting forces). Even so it seems a bit repetitive.

Noisecontrollers? oh well.. good choice

Now i love the noisecontrollers. Especially there melodies and crump makes no exception. I like how you copy it just to show off your kick. very nice choice. well anyway,
First thing i noticed is. That the song sounded too slow. Maybe higher the bpm, its a small but necesary touch :p.
The main synth of the crump melody, ( the sqaure-ish one) is actually a preset in Nexus. I don't know if they actually used it but its damn similair. Maybe you could check that out just for fun i suspose, it will not add anything. Anyhow!
yes thats the main reason of the song. I'm currently listening with my headphones so i can't judge it on bass. But the main sound sounds pretty good. I like the bass in it, but not the 'clicky' sound of the bass. You might be better off using a sampled kick-click on top of that bass. Just a suggestion. You would give it a bit more attack and more structure, basically making it better ( if done correctly ) with such an easy sample. However there are tons of disadvantages then making/sampling it your own ofcourse. But i think you could try.
I give it an 6 or 7. But an 8 for the choice of melody :p. I am wondering how you did that kick though. :) Doesnt smell like 3ocx :p.


theta4 responds:

Yeah, I copy melodies a lot to hear what my kicks sound like. It was kinda slow.

Also, I don't feel like paying for Nexus. It sounds like it's pretty powerful, but I use ZynAddSubFX for pretty much everything. It's also free. And I'm using LMMS, so Zyn comes free.

This is an older kick, though. I've gotten mildly better.

As far as for how I made this kick, I used a variety of EQ and distortion plugs on a kick made with expodrum (expodrum's a free VST from xoxos). That's how I make most of my kicks.

Thank you for your suggestions. I will keep them in mind next time.

Also, my favorite Noisecontrollers song (as of now) is Shreek. You should check it out.

kick! punch! it's all in your mind!

you're on the right path. there's a couple idea's to help make this sound better (just idea's, take it as constructive criticism).

idea 1_
take the attack off the drum a tad to take the low drone sounding kick punch out, and layer a kick in with a heavier punch that's tuned a bit higher. master it until it flows easy on the ears.

idea 2_
tune the whole kick into a higher pitch one, and export it as a wav file. through that wav sample into a sound editor (ie Audacity) and find the part in the sound frequency that is the bass release from the kick (a lil before the tail of the sound, and obviously after the initial punch of the kick itself), and copy a wave form or 2 and copy it so that when you paste it, it'll do a continuous wave in the frequency. Copy and paste it to your hearts content, to extend the bassline to your liking. (this is one way I discovered that I like to make my hardstyle bassdrum... or nustyle... or whatever you kids call it nowadays lol)


Cheesy ending


theta4 responds:

. . . nice review. it was very informative. it was effective, explaining every feeling you had in such great detail. who would have ever guessed that three short little letters "l", "o", "l" could have such great impact? the three letters roll off the tongue like water off a duck's back. ever so smoothly, they find their way from the teeth to the tongue and into the beholder's ears. how inspiring!
. . . wallowing in every single letter, i find myself finding greater meaning in the little subtleties: the capitalization of the first L, the lack of a period, and the complete lack of any explanation for the reason for giving me an 8 on the review.
. . . and the title of the review, as well, added more significance to this exemplary review. "Cheesy ending." I could repeat it a thousand times. everything about those two words is incredible! completing their meaning are the slight inflections in the pronunciations of the words: "cheesy", "ending". "chee-sy". "end-ing". "cheesy ending". what a remarkable piece of writing!
. . . the combination of these 3 elements--the high rating, the brief but powerful "lol", and the title "cheesy ending"--all add up to make this amazing review! this review is a beacon of light for all newgrounders out there. anyone writing a review should keep this review in mind as they write. this review should be taught in schools. it should form the curriculum of a new class: writing reviews for newgrounds. how can one read this review and not be inspired to tell the entire world of the incredible penmanship involved in forming the intricate masterpiece?

please, don't write such short reviews. explain the 8. explain the lol. explain your feelings. useless review. fail.

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