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-Distant Lands-

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Hey again everyone! Finally, we've submitted Distant Lands to NG. Although it does sound quite Runescape-ish, it's quite catchy, don't you think? Well anyway, just in case some of you are wondering how we make the songs, I'll quickly tell you. So first I go on the piano and play some random notes till I find a melody, and then I add more of a melody, some chords and accompaniment (Please tell m I spelt it right...) and make the notes on Finale Noteped, so yes, if anyone wants sheet music of the original songs, then feel free to ask. Anyway, then I send Erik the song as a .MIDI file and he uses Cakewalk Pro 8.0 to add the instruments, more accompaniment and maybe a few extra parts. He converts it to .MP3 and it's done. Alright anyway, enough talking. All in all, hope you enjoy the song, and although it's probably going to be 0-bombed, try and vote fairly ;).

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You definitely have a melody that fits the theme, but it's a bit hard to get immersed in the imagery you're trying to create when 1. the trumpets sound like farts (hilariously so when it's clipping), 2. all the other instruments suck anyway and 3. the first melody reminds me a lot of a child song my mother used to sing during bedtime, about a frog who kept puffing his cheeks until he exploded to impress his lady friend.

Step responds:

Exploding frogs. Dude, you captured the very essence of the imagery that I set out to create :3.

I kinda like the melody here, but the crappy instruments just ruin the whole thing don't they? Haha.

Thanks for reviewing!

Nice variaty

Oh wow, the music does get better over time here now this one i liked because you did have a variaty of instraments from piano to trumpets, but this one was abit more better put together, the "TRUMPETS" were really amazing thought it seemed with the piano and trumpets and even the "FLUTE" that the song really shined through, so really nice job there, and i really enjoyed this especially since i played a trumpet when in grade school, so anyways props to you and i can see how your skills are getting better, now as to improve, maybe make the trumpets have a more dominating role.

Have the trumpets played more aswell as the flute, as its something i have not heard of a combination.


Step responds:

Yeah you're exactly right about this one. I like the trumpets too since they give the song a sort of fantasy, adventure theme to it, and I agree that it could have been used a bit more with the flute, but in any case this is a pretty old song of mine; one of my first. My new ones are a lot better :P.

Anyway, thanks for the great review!


Brilliant work guys! So majestic and yet mysterious. This one definetely deserves both a five and a ten.

Also give my regards to Erik concerning the Solo. Its not repetitive in my opinion and I think it deserves most of the credit for you gettin such good results. I mean, No offence, but whoever adds the instruments has the most work so he/she should get the most credit right?

Anyways, Congrats to both of you. Keep up the good work.


Step responds:

Thanks for the 10 and 5. I think this was one of our best songs. To tell you the truth, the one who does the melody actually has more work, since he's the one who determines how good the song is. The one who adds the instruments just grabs parts of the melody and gives them a different instrument, while adding percussion. To tell you the truth, Erik does sometimes think highly of himself adding the instruments, but it really isn't too hard. Well anyway, thanks for your concern about the song, and good luck with your own :).


lots of changes and unique sounds. i like it.

Step responds:

Thanks; we try to vary as much as possible. I thought that 0:38-1:09 was a little repetitve but what the heck, as long as it's catchy lol :P. Thanks a bunch for the 9 :)!

It does sound like runescape.

Kind of reminds me of when I first played runescape. It has a very similar runescape style. That's good, for me.

Step responds:

Alright. Strangely it reminds me of the first time I entered the member's area of Runescape lol :S. Ahh well, thanks for the review!

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Feb 17, 2009
1:01 PM EST
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