B0UNC3 - Voyager Full 50%

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Length: 3:17
Uploaded 2/17/09


Oh how lovely

I think I just had an EARGASM!

keep it up


Please, please, please don't give up on this song! It's really good so far, and I don't think it's bad..... I think it's really, really great :) Only problem with me is that it's a bit repetative to me, but other than that everything else rocks!

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Nice job

This song was very good, but I think that despite the awesome peaks, it had just a few problems which ruined it for me. I don't want to be pretentious, but I just have to deconstruct it and share my feelings on the individual parts of the song:

-I think the entire first 12-13 seconds is unnecessary.
-0:13 to about 0:39 is nicely done, and it works great as an intro/buildup into the next part.
-0:40 to 0:00 reminds me of Envy, and in the best way, that has a strong touch of Bounc3 in it. The baseline tempo-beat is a great coefficient here, and the way you can hear it there more distinctly at the end of each phrase is cool.
-0:53 is epic, after the pretense of the previous third of the song, it comes in and really makes what you're doing with the song...real.
-The part that comes in at 1:07 is awesome and very well done. It's een better than before, and your song is really peaking in an awesome way.
-At 1:20, I was like, "Noooo!!!" That Sega-esque stringy thing that comes in, with all due respect, sucks compared the the rest of the song and really chops off the peak of your mountain here. If you do it again, make this melody a totally different sound, like a more clean thing. You could even use classical string insturments here, it would be cool, but not that synth oscillating thing!
-1:34 to 1:45 doesn't really help, it's atonal and ignores the melody you were building.
-1:46 is great with the piano part, and the melody of that oscillating string thing is so good here that it almost makes up for how plastic the sound itself is, but damn, if you just change that to a cleaner, non-vibrating instrument, you would rock this song.
-At 2:01, the beat that comes in also has awesome potential, it just fits so poorly with the oscillating string thing.
-2:14, back to the real song, much better.
-2:27, Much happier now. The addition of the harp thing is a great compliment to the final build-up. The rest of the song from here is great.

So, 5/5 compared to the rest of the Audio Portal, but 8/10 compared to the high bar you've set with masterpieces like Paradise on E [Final]. If you just chucked that oscillating string thing that sounds like its from Sonic 2, this song would be pure win.

Kudos for an awesome melody though, and a masterful exposition of a more Envy-style chorus/baseline.

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B0UNC3 responds:

<3 review. I'll look into these suggestions. I'll probably implement some in the POTC remix I'm working on.

give credit next time

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IoKOrt Aj1Z4

sounds awfully alike...seems like you just copied it and gave it a twist and changed it up. i like what you did to the song but dont act like its original, and give credit to the one who inspired you

B0UNC3 responds:

Ah this was a mistake on my part actually. "Even more heavily inspired than the last edit!!!!" was pointing at the first version I had uploaded, which in turn actually said that it was inspired by milkyway.

I (as you can see) removed the first edit and forgot to change the description of this file.

If that's not a good enough answer for you then please let me know ;)


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IoKOrt Aj1Z4
very similar..... respect -1 lol.

B0UNC3 responds:

Read the response below...

"very similar..... respect -1 lol."
Get real....

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Feb 17, 2009
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