Dang Mengalai (Final Mix)

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Fixed Kick.
Name: Dang Mengalai (Final Mix)
Artist: DJ Qwamii
Genre: Hardstyle

Don't ask why the name is weird. :)
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Very good

This is a very good song indeed,
But just like brandon mentioned, your melody later in your song is a bit to much of a melody. Hardstyle used to have a very hard, but repetitive 'melody', that doesnt have so much notes.

Both me and brandon have remixed Kazm0's HardTrance [WiP] song, which are both very cool. this is a mix between hardstyle and trance.
Your song is some kind of HardTrance to. (but then even a bit harder).

My second critic point is that the bass isnt syncropating with the melody.
You should make a cool bassline that supports the melody. cause its the same tone and octave all the time now.

Furthermore this song is damn good, and maybe it could be a weekly top 5.
It sure needs some mastering and changes though. :)

Greets St0rmChaser

DJ-Qwamii responds:

It's a remix of my country's traditional Song. It's very melodic, i know. (: That's why the name is weird. The original song is actually slow and rhythmic, played with traditional instruments. It is very nice. :D

Totally like Brandon said..

Awesome intro for a hardsyle song! With those hard noises, made my mind go shuffle lol, Lovely bass as well there. But when that monsterious kick comes in I totally wowed! Can't say enough about those hard noise effects, it fitted in there really nice. However 1 little flaw in my oppinion, and that'll be the melody as Brandon said as well. You'd better use another hardstyle lead, or put the volume of this one much higher. But about the melody itself it's an average melody, try to make it unique and a little weird for the originality. The structure of this song was really well, snares and claps, and the good placed kicks where tottaly awesome! Nothing more to say, only that little flaw on the melody that's all. And I must say try to take the information that Brandon said, and deal with it. ;) 5/5 9/10.


*- I don't know if you're in trance but, I've been recently been submitting as well here, and I'd love it if you could take a look, and review my song as well. ;)


i liked the melodies and all, but what annoys me , is the gated bass right after a kick. it is maybe a tad too loud, and ...how should i put this...too high? maybe some darker subsound would do the job. maybe one octave down? ah i dont know, it sounds too high for me thats just my opinion, but i acknowledge your great composition and effort here. so dont get me wrong, i like the song.

DJ-Qwamii responds:

okay. yeah. ^^ thank you thank you.

Loved it!

You got my 5 and 10! Hardstyle FTW

Love the start. The intro was the maddest shit.
<3 your kick and bass, and the use of scratches crashes and hard fx.

This makes me want to shuffle! But I've done enough shufflin for today lol. :P

Although I loved the intro, I'll get down and serious. I think the melody was a bit too.. melodic for the type of song you were introducing.
After a while of listening it sounds slightly better but I'll stick with my gut instinct.

I'll use SMF - Hahaha as an example. At the start he had a nice introduction coming along, then he brought in a nice hard lead, simple but hard.

You brought in a very nice introduction, then expanded the lead into a pretty nice subtune. Then you brought in the melody. I think there was too much to the melody, I know repetitive isn't usually a good thing but I think with hardstyle, it works out in favor.

Just repeating the first 4 bars of the melody and changing the 7th and 8th bars would be surely enough. The journey down to the lower notes kinda ruins the mood. Also you need some contrast in the melody and a always try a little bit of weirdness, gives your songs unique touch - and a chance to go far.

Liked it. Makes me think of Sarah & Pae shuffle.

Keep up the good work.

-Cheers Brando

DJ-Qwamii responds:

thanks bro. yeah, u know what? the melody was from a traditional song of my country :P so it's kinda hard to remix it into a hardstyle-ish one. :pp

and thanks again. really appreciate it. (:

and and if u like this, u may like my "Sexbusters". Have a listen. (:


I like this alot, my only issue is that maybe 1 or 2 parts lingered on a bit, but really I'm not a hardstyle person so that may be what hardstyle is made of I have no idea. Overall I liked it alot though, well done ^_^

DJ-Qwamii responds:

thanks!! :D

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