-Sewer Jam-

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This one is one of my personal favorites. The baseline on the piano was actually modified from Chopin's piece, "Fantasie Impromptu" (don't worry, it's not a legal issue, the man is long dead and his pieces are all public domain now anyways). I essentially took the roots of each of his chords in his introductory chord progression and used those as my left hand. Obviously I played with it a little first, but it's pretty much unchanged in that department.

After that, I just wrote it in on my compy and looped it for about an hour and a half before I began punching in the notes for the right hand.

I'm actually kind of proud of the solo, which is a first. I know that there's really not much in the way of anything except the solo here, but I'm intending to leave that until a later date (translation: until I have time and I feel inspired enough (You can help me by reviewing this!)).

One more thing I personally like about this piece is that awesome water sound at the beginning and near the end... you know, the one that sounds like something falling into a sewer? I spent a good hour just tweaking that sound. I created the sound using two overlapping "drip" patches at different settings.

Now this is the part you should read:

Please review this! I would love to hear anything you have to say about this one, because everything you say is something I can use to make it better.


very cool.

Very nice, good work. A little frantic, but it's good. I think it would fit for one of those 80's cartoons with mice running through the sewers, incredibly franticly..
It's cool, though.

ObsidianSnow responds:


... lol I thought this one was dead on NG. I would never would have thought that it would be getting any more reviews. I guess I was wrong.

My newer submissions are far better, but I'm leaving the old ones up because I think it gives a cool sense of my progression.

...Sorry, I babbled a bit there. I'm appreciative of your review, land0lakes. Thank you.


very upbeat... i like it goin in my faviort

ObsidianSnow responds:

Awesome - thanks for the review, alienhominid.

Good song!

The name really matches with the song; good job. The piano was great, but I think you left it a little empty. OK, it's not that sewers aren't supposed to be empty, but I think that piano only was a little boring. Maybe you should've added a double bass or a cello to harmonize it with the piano. Also, a constant booming drum beat in the background would've added the hollow feeling that a sewer would have. Great job with the water sound FX, they added the 'Sewer' in 'Sewer Jam'.

ObsidianSnow responds:

Yeah, it really does need to be completed, you're right. When I get around to it... lol
glad you thought the effects were cool.

Thanks for the review, Supersteph.


Hey, the piano sounds great. And it really this song is just the greatest "Walking around in a sewer" music ever. Although I have no idea why I would be walking around in a sewer. Anyways, great job, man.

ObsidianSnow responds:

Yeah, I'd be wondering why you'd be in a sewer, too... lol

Thanks for the review, masterchef.

Good job!

I love the dripping parts as well!

I can sort of picture in my head a scene of a person just walking in a sewer... for what reason no one knows... but then he sees something terrifying and runs, but it follows! And the ending "drip/plop" is him falling, then dead :D!

Great job again!


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ObsidianSnow responds:

Cool, glad you liked it - and that you got imagery from it, too!

Thanks for the review, SULKINGking.

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