(NUB)Victorian Longing

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Happy valentines day everyone :)

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This transition is just downright perfect.


you get me threw alot...and yet i dont even know your name. you get me the trew the things that i find unbarable, you make me smile when no when can find the words to even make me aware of the muscles in my face, i thank you nubbi. thats all i know you by, its sad, so much joy, from some one i dont even know.

thank you nubbi

Impacting Life

A question that dates back to the dawn of time, and yet, one man said the best, and they were not even his own words, but those of a king that portrayed them: To Live, or not to Live? That is the question. Shakespeare really knew the meaning behind those words, as every human being does in their short life. Death is only a step away. Those who fear it most either shield themselves away or live their life to the fullest, living lives of fear or a reckless life of self destruction. Those who know, but do not fear, continue with their lives, and make it the best and most productive they can make it.

Another ideal this comes from is another story. Man has a yearning to make something of his life before he dies. Be it some absolute historical event as saving the human race from formic aliens so lovingly called "buggers" or just marrying and having a family, man wants something of them remembered, even in the smallest form. A fictional character named Julian Delphiki knew that, and, despite being the smallest, became the biggest to save a world that never knew him for his short life.

But what am I to speak of fiction? Is this real, or is this just fantasy? Maybe I'm just rambling off about life an death, remembrance and forgetfulness, but it makes you wonder, doesn't it? It makes you wonder just how big an impact you will make in this world before you hear a bell tolling and you ask that question of the person next to you. You don't realize a black robe of a skeletal hand on a scythe, no, he is an ordinary person until he speaks, "Ask not for whom the bell tolls, for the bell, it tolls for thee." Next thing you know, poof, your soul is out of your body, life flashing before your eyes, and I wonder just how you feel seeing everything you did from birth til death, and wonder...Did I make it? Did I impact this world enough? Was it too soon, or was it soon enough?

I don't think anyone will know that answer until the soul leaves the body and, whoever they believe, meets that one big deity that tells them, "You did alright." I mean, what else would they say, right? I believe that, whoever you follow, you should be good by them, and they'll be straight with you. Sure, they'll tell you your mistakes, but hell, what about what you did right? They should tell you, at least, that's what I believe.

I guess what I'm saying is, live. Don't just wait for death, impact your life, and the lives of others. I'm doing it now. So are many others, I mean, you hear the music, right? The artist impacted my life like nothing other, and I'm thankful for that. So, how are you going to impact another's life, and, in turn, how will they impact another, and another, until a full chain is completed around this entire world into unity? Me, I think I'll keep writing. The musician, he'll keep playing. The artist, he'll keep painting. The preacher, he'll keep on preaching.

What will you keep doing to make an impact?

It really has been too long for me to review your works, Nubbin, I hope you enjoy the writing I give for this one.

such good quality

i love all your orchestral songs. what vst are you using to get that high quality sound?


Love it

It caught me off guard. I wasn't expecting it :P. I'm not really much of a critique but I love ot ^_^.

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Feb 15, 2009
3:26 AM EST
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