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[February 18, 2009]
- This song was just for fun, I know the vocals are overused, I'm not trying to be the next big rap artist! And whether or not you think this deserves top 5 is not my problem, it made top 5. Just deal with it ;)

Something very different than my usual style! I always liked the samples FL provides from their demo songs - I decided to use the lyrics from "That's True" to create my first full rap/hip-hop/whatever track! Vocals taken from the single "I Will" by Empire Crew, performed by Scandalous and Animal. Everything but drums and FX were hand made with the 3xOsc. No presets!



I love this song, it's awesome. ESPECIALLY the melody you made. I just can't get it out of my head. Even though i don't really like rap, this song is one of my favs.

There is only one but. Is there any possibility of you uploading a version of this song without vocals? I love to listen to the instrumental versions of the songs, they allow me to get a better feeling of them, sense the emotions flowing through the music. Vocals in most of the rap songs only mess up with this feeling :( Of course it's not like I demand anything from you. Only if you have some free time, would you do this for me? Please? :3


Jebbal responds:

I've been criticized for putting too much thought into the melody and not enough into more rap elements. I'm glad you think differently! What can I say, this is borderline rap with influence from other genres.

As for the instrumental version, I do indeed have an mp3 of this song with the lyrics taken out. PM me your e-mail address and I would be happy to send it to you =)

Thanks for the review!

Ah, I knew these lyrics sound familiar.

Great kudos on using this song's lyrics. I had no idea a rap artist made this. The first time I heard these lyrics was from this song http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/89155 by TheComet. I thought he made them up and I commented on the lyrics. Still I like the fact he used them.


~ Salient7

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Jebbal responds:

Thanks for the kudos! I never know what to do with these things when I get them, usually I end up stuffing them in my pocket and washing them in the washing machine by accident. FUCK!

Thanks for the review!

your beats are dope!!

i really enjoyed this song, it is different from other rap songs that i hear. i actually like the tone of the voice, it compliments the techno part... make more please!!

Jebbal responds:

It is different sounding, I agree. I'm glad you like the deep vocals! I made another version with them pitched up a bit, I don't know what's better though.

Thanks for the review!

I dont usually enjoy rap but

damn, this is one awesome song you've made here. Using samples from a studio program isnt noobish at all, I've done it and we all have.
Dont listen to what anyone else says, you've made a truly astonishing song here.
Maybe go just a little lighter with the deepness effect on the vocals, but thats pretty much my only complaint

Jebbal responds:

Exactly. The vocal samples are only there to add to everything else I created myself. I wouldn't have used them if this were going to be released on an album or anything. Come on, its newgrounds! Not that Newgrounds isn't awesome, though.

I couldn't help but notice your avatar. Nice choice th- BLAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Thanks for the review!


These People Dont No What There Talking About!
Who Cares If The Sample Is Off FL Studio!
This Tune Is Exellent!
And Being Out Off Time A Little Bit Just Gives It A More Realish Feel!

I Like It, So Far All I've Done Is Listen To This Tune Over & Over!

Dont Let Other People Get You Down Buddy!
Your Tunes Are Awesome
I'll Be Downlaoding This For Sure!

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Jebbal responds:

Nobody get JebbaL down! JebbaL strong! JebbaL keep make music! JebbaL no care what bad men think!

Thanks for the review! :)

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