FF7 - A Haven in the Sky II

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This is my 2009 remastering of "Highwind Takes to the Skies" from Final Fantasy 7. I originally released a remastering of this song on Newgrounds all the way back in 2004... yep that long ago. However, after a few recent reviews of the 2004 song felt it wasn't in the spirit of the original (and probably outdated as well), it got me thinking. As such this made me decide to redo it for you all. Feel free to listen to the old version as well if you want to compare and contrast. This song has far more going on in it than both my old remastering or the original song from the game itself.

Biggest changes in this version aside from the completely new instrument samples is a piano intro and choir to help add an epic feeling during the ending segment. I also made it sound like the ship was taking off as the piano segment ends to add to the nostalgic feel that those who've played the game are hopefully getting. There have been instrument selection changes, even more complexity added, as well as positioning changes. I've also made it a point to make the snares (drums), etc, louder as to create a more heroic feel. Overall, I'd say it's vastly superior to the old one.

This song was not easy to redo, due to the sheer amount of "complexity" I added to it along with all of the technical issues that arose out of having so much going on at once (FL would actually crash if I added anything more to it). In fact the entire piano segment had to be done alone and then put in as a WAV file. While the first segment of the fully orchestrated part of the song is almost the same as the second part, if you listen attentively there are differences in how instruments are used etc. What's added and taken away. Certain notes for one instrument are not used again and so on. In fact the second orchestrated half has much more energy and shows a progressive step above the prior segment just as the 1st orchestral half was a step above the solo piano.

I can only hope that this will satisfy the Nobuo Uematsu, Final Fantasy, and general video game music fans alike out there.

And now I present to you the 2009 Version of "A Haven in the Sky."

Please enjoy, Vote Fairly, and Review if you can :)



This song is GREAT! It sounds so cool! I love it. <3

Definitely an ear-catching remix.

Everyone else has said enough here that I shouldn't have to go into praising you any more. You have obvious talent.

In contrast to the others, however, I believe someone should do some Secret of Mana remixes. You just don't see them, yet the game (though a SNES game) had very unique, inspiring and likable music. I've only seen a few remixes here and there in the entirity of the internet, and of those I would only say one or two to be decent.

My request is that you take some of those Original Compositions and make something bad ass from them as you did from this FF7 OC.

Another game with only a couple of remixes that I've seen (though it has nonetheless very great musical scores) is another SNES game called The Secret of Evermore. Not many people I run into have even heard of it.

Anyway, both of the OC lists from those games and that of countless others can be found at the Galbadia Hotel site now that it's back up and running again. Feel free to browse that for some of your materials.

In conclusion, you've impressed a great many people here and have deserved your spot on the top10 with this song. I salute you (figuratively, of course).

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TenchuX responds:

Secret of Mana is one of my favorite games of all time... actually more-so than FF7. Based on what you've said I'll assume you've not heard my collab remix of the Secret of Mana/SD3 intro.

It's called Secret of Mana - Not The End

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/189872

I'd actually place it with this song in terms of quality. It like this one was also #2 in the top 30 a while back, but like most top songs (even this one) from artists who don't have a daily 5 voting fan following got 0 spammed and has slowly been making it's way back up. I really think you'll enjoy the song if you're a fan of Secret of Mana.

As for Secret of Evermore, I know what the game is and own it. It's actually the game that Jeremy Soule made his first big break in when he started out composing game music. He's the composer for the music in Oblivion, Guild Wars, Knights of the Old Republic, etc etc.


this beats the 2004 by far! the begining was alittle slow, but it is made up for later int he song. oh and what neo-fusion said

TT,..,TT i know this song from the game....


Never played much of FFVII but...

This is really, really good~
I like it a lot. At first, call me crazy if you must, I didn't recognize the song. Then when it got to exactly 1 min. Right on the dot. (Awesome how you did that by the way). I was like "Ooh! This song! I know it now!"
This makes me want to play Final Fantasy VII really badly now.
Congrats on doing a superb job on this
You sure have satisfied me, and I'm not a huge Final Fantasy VII fanboy.
Keep it up!! =D

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