FF7 - A Haven in the Sky II

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This is my 2009 remastering of "Highwind Takes to the Skies" from Final Fantasy 7. I originally released a remastering of this song on Newgrounds all the way back in 2004... yep that long ago. However, after a few recent reviews of the 2004 song felt it wasn't in the spirit of the original (and probably outdated as well), it got me thinking. As such this made me decide to redo it for you all. Feel free to listen to the old version as well if you want to compare and contrast. This song has far more going on in it than both my old remastering or the original song from the game itself.

Biggest changes in this version aside from the completely new instrument samples is a piano intro and choir to help add an epic feeling during the ending segment. I also made it sound like the ship was taking off as the piano segment ends to add to the nostalgic feel that those who've played the game are hopefully getting. There have been instrument selection changes, even more complexity added, as well as positioning changes. I've also made it a point to make the snares (drums), etc, louder as to create a more heroic feel. Overall, I'd say it's vastly superior to the old one.

This song was not easy to redo, due to the sheer amount of "complexity" I added to it along with all of the technical issues that arose out of having so much going on at once (FL would actually crash if I added anything more to it). In fact the entire piano segment had to be done alone and then put in as a WAV file. While the first segment of the fully orchestrated part of the song is almost the same as the second part, if you listen attentively there are differences in how instruments are used etc. What's added and taken away. Certain notes for one instrument are not used again and so on. In fact the second orchestrated half has much more energy and shows a progressive step above the prior segment just as the 1st orchestral half was a step above the solo piano.

I can only hope that this will satisfy the Nobuo Uematsu, Final Fantasy, and general video game music fans alike out there.

And now I present to you the 2009 Version of "A Haven in the Sky."

Please enjoy, Vote Fairly, and Review if you can :)



you truly captured the epic but sad tragedy that the creator originally intended very very well made and overall just plain out amazing i love it keep it up

Well Done

I had almost forgotten how well the original was done,I remember when I first got the Highwind,it was like your second chance to strike back at the Shinra and save the world.

You did the song justice,freind. You kept the original feel and made some subtle and not so subtle improvements,like the drums I believe are a bit more punched up as is the keyboards,but it was done in respect to the song to make is seems more epic.

Great work and to all who listen,give him a chance before you rate.
From one FF fan to another,you did well
-Gives you Cloud's utlima sword.

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This brings back memories, and its sounds WONDERFUL
Surpassing original soundtrack material
Keep up the great work!

wow Techux

I must say I'm glad I helped inspire you to redo the song because this is the definition of what a good remake is. Bravo and hats off to you I definitely have to say you went above and beyond on this one a look forward to hearing what else you have to offer. Oustanding job.

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TenchuX responds:

Yep, you started the post that got the others hopping on about the original lacking in what it could be. While I don't respond to what everyone writes, I do appreciate reviews, read every single one, and take into account what people write especially if I see a consensus. It's nice to see that you enjoyed the changes I made :)



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