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Flying High - Epilogue

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Well, here it is. I hope that it is done well enough for you folks as I worked for quite a long time on it. In the end I quit all my other WiP and sat down and devoted all my time to this one...and I do think that it turned out well.

I hope you all enjoy this, let me know if you hear any problems, think you hear them, know you hear them, or want to hear them. For if there is anything wrong I would prefer to fix it as soon as possible.

Enjoy and PLEASE review, I answer to all the reviews that I see, the longer your review the longer my answer ^^.


Btw, this song is called Beyond the Beyond Ending Theme. I hope I did it justice.

Sorry about the ending, I didn't have the greatest sample for it.


I won't be finishing this one anytime in the future. It was [more or less] an experiment for me. So yeah, sorry about that everybody.

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Very nice, but...

I have one complaint on this... the balance between the melody, and drums were not that good. Not offence the drums were just a little over-powering.

Cosmos8942 responds:

Yeah, I made this using high quality earpieces and did not realize that the drums were overpowered till I exported to a different format to listen to it within other sound equipment etc etc. Strangely lost the data, but I simply love this song too much..mm...gotta balance school and all that...fk I need to get back into composing lol.

Alright, lets see what happens in the immediate future.


Look at this: http://www.blackspherestudios.com/sub mission.php5?ID=359

That'll help you out on fixing the massive clipping issues on the drums. The piano sample sounds pretty bad too, so I'd suggest either 1. getting a new sample or 2. EQing and putting reverb on the existing one. The strings in this song actually sound very good. It's weird hearing a cringe-worthy piano sample playing along with those wonderful strings in the background.

Outside of the technical details, I love the actual motif playing in this song. It really feels like an ending theme. Unfortunately, the variations you put in (such as 3:20) feel random and out of place. The one at 3:20 actually sounds off key. The melody in general in many places could use a little work, since it sounds kind of like a really good idea that you didn't quite know how to expand on. I'm sorely tempted to do a re-interpretation of this myself.

5:25 was a very nice key change, but the ending would be vastly improved not by a better sample, but simply by echoes and reverb (and of course, some EQ, but the whole song needs that). Either way, very good idea, fair execution, needs some work, so a 7/10


Cosmos8942 responds:

The EQing I completely agree on actually. I realized that there was some horrible clipping going on and I still submitted it originally just to see what people thought. Alas though I've never finished it and likely never will to tell the truth (maybe I'll make up with that by making something that sounds just as epic XD). Oh shutup about the piano sample rofl. I actually have much better now and I'd hit you with that if I thought you weren't right about it :3. Yes the piano sample isn't the greatest and yes I could've done better but I had no choice with this one and my sample I had used originally kept fking with the program I was using. So then I had to downgrade and this is what I got. Its one of the biggest reasons I decided to post this, mostly because I was trying to figure out wtf to do lol. Ah well, whats done is done in this case.

Ugh now I'm just not in the mood to be replying to all of these. Um...hum...yes the song itself is a very good one overall. I simply made it more dramatic with the added percussion and background instruments. It wasn't a easy one to bring about but I think I did a fairly good job overall. Minus, like you said, EQing/mastering/all that other stuff.

Speaking of places that "you couldn't expand on" you should really get all those ideas agoing. Many of them sound like they could be wonderful little shots in the dark. ENOUGH ABOUT YOU XD.

Overall I understand what you are saying and I have already begun to be much more careful with the pieces that I work on now (this was actually done before my Dr. Mario piece). So I guess I'll just have to work a little harder next time and not give in to the constant threat of boredom.


Either way thanks for the review. I find this one fairly insightful overall and I'll be sure to attempt some of the things that you have stated here in the future. Thanks again.

I love it!

Seriously, after seeing all the 7's and 8's, I thought this wasn't that great, but honestly, this really rocks, IMO. A few problems here and there, but it shows that you worked really hard on it. Since it's such a long song, I'll review while I'm listening to it:

I'm hearing a great intro, with good drums in the background. I loved the drum roll at around 0:09, it started the song up very epic-ly-ish....

I'm at 0:12, drums have gotten too loud, with the main melody a slight bit too blurry and hard to keep track of. You may want to fix that with a little mastering. Other than that, 0:12 onwards was superb.

0:24, piano came in a little suddenly, but it's very catchy. At 0:37 there was an awesomely catchy melody. I guess you didn't make it yourself since this is a remix, but it fits very well with the insrument you're using for it. Soft but fast-paced drums in the background were a nice touch, and there was another great drum roll.

1:00, OMG EPIC TRANSITION. Amazing orchestra hits, they were just so epic... From then on a little anti-climatic, but the more orchestra hits at 1:14, with the awesome drum roll in the background made up for it, definitely.

I'm now at 1:15, I suppose this is the chorus, because it sounds like it. Catchy drum beat in the background, and the strings really gave an epic atmosphere.

1:40, a nice alternate melody, and a break from the drums. Good idea adding it there, and purely outstanding job in how you introduced the drums again. From then on, melody was decent, and the drums in the background were varied and awesome.

Now at 2:17, good drum roll before that, and I liked the piano in the background over here.

2:30. Seriously, adding that melody with the piano was genius. Great job, this part is my favourite part so far. Till 3:19, it played some nice melodies and drums as usual.

3:19 - Scratch what I said before, THIS is my favourite part. Very good rythm change with the piano, and it was really catchy. When the strings came in, I think you should've reduced the amount of crash cymbals you used there, but other than that it was brilliant.

4:21, this was a brilliant piano part. Epic job. Expecting the song to get calmer for another break from the drums again...

4:34 : Man, you read my mind O_o... Good drum roll as usual, but at 4:52, the strings stop suddenly... I don't know if that was intentional or not, but I'd rather that there was strings over there.

I'm at 4:58, and hearing an extremely awesome drum transition. Great job. I was expecting the melody at 1:15 to play again somewhere over here, but it's not really such a big problem, since the melody you used was great anyway.

5:26, oh, never mind, that melody repeated here instead :P.

Then from 5:51 till 6:16 was just a repetition from a part earlier in the song, so I already commented about it.

6:16, drums get calmer, then more action packed. That was a nice touch to the song.

6:41 - end: Seriously, I don't know why you added this part. The ending sound perfect from 6:39, so I think you should took that part away.

Anyway, here's a little summary:
I really enjoyed this song. Drums were my favourite part in this, since I usually enjoy extremely varied drums in songs. They had good samples too. The only real defects I can point out over here are the ending (take away from 6:41 onwards) and the fact that the song's notes get blurred together quite a lot and it's hard to keep track, plus the drums at times can get too loud (fix it with some simple mastering).

Other than those two little defects, I enjoyed the song immensly, since it had a lot of variety without getting random, transitions were perfect, especially the drum rolls, instuments fit well with the melodies, and in general you chose an excellent song to remix. Sorry for the ultra long review, but I guess I warned you in the PM (Hehe, lets see you reply to *this* without skipping the character limit XD). Overall, excellent job, keep up the awesome work!

-Review Request Club-

Yay, reached the character limit XD!

Cosmos8942 responds:

Are you serious? I never answered this one...well wtf. Alright going to have to get around to it then.

This has great potential

But the big thing here is that the track needs a better mastering job I think. It'd improve clarity by a LOT which is what the track really needs, the instruments are kind of blending into each other way too much. If you'd like some help with that I'd be glad to assist. Voted 4 cause I round up.

Cosmos8942 responds:

Oh I know this one has great potential...but the original file (and its branch files) have disappeared into the wind. Its a bit of a bother...I would love to go back and master this piece as I wasn't finished with it in the first place but without the master track (and all thereof) it'd be too difficult to recreate and thus remaster (etc) everything. So I think I'll just leave it as is...if anybody would like to do something with this feel free but I'm not expecting much x.x.

Thanks for the review, its always nice to get a new one now and then.

Great concept.

The drums seem to be every where. I'd say EQ this a bit more (some of the instruments are way to loud man and it takes away from the song. The drums especually). Its got some great qualities and i'd love to hear you pull them out to the fullest extent. Keep it up for sure!


Cosmos8942 responds:

The drums are everywhere...but that is mostly due to the fact that the cymbals pop up in bad areas alot. I don't know why I didn't bother going in and cleaning that up...but I still have the original file so maybe I will do just that.

But yes, this song does have its share of problems but I did it as more of a experiment to see what I could do if I pushed myself just a little farther then normal. All in all I would say I didn't do too bad considering I normally lean towards the slower pieces.

Thanks for yet another review my friend,

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