Rising Legend- A Theme for Ice

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My first composition for the game 'Rising Legend', the theme for the Kingdom of Ice.


C & C

This sounds good, keep up the good work!

quite good

its quite a nice piece, i would agree that the notes feel in the right scale but rather they are pushed at random.
NOTE : you cant be very expressive without sustain and pressure sensitive keyboards though. may i advise you buy a compatible program allowing such techniques in the future. And the piece is to quick. Played slowly and with the right Velocity and mood, it can be Stunningly fantastic. well done for the idea anyway.

Kanped responds:

I can't argue with that- you're exactly right. Well, the notes aren't 'random', of course, but I am used to composing for percussion and anything I write usually focuises more on rythem than melody. I actually can't play the keyboard at all- this was written in Sibelius (notation software) and I then made the track from the MIDI but I absolutly agree that it has a very limited dynamic range (which has now been fixed). I'm hoping to record it with real musicians- I think that when the dynamics flow properly, the melody lines will work much better as well.

Thanks for your comments.


In the GarageBand thread, you said that the program I happen to use is "a minute step above eJay".

This song is a minute step below mediocre.

No coherent melody, completely random harmony, very weak sense of meter, a total lack of any direction in the piece, this is a classical nightmare. Before you make statements with that imply a superior attitude towards other musicians, perhaps you should take a look in the mirror. The more I listen to it, the more totally random it sounds, you jump between registers far too much, leaving the listener totally lost as to where the "melody" is going I use the term melody lightly.

Needs much work.

6/10, I'll refrain from voting because I wouldn't want to hurt your score.

Kanped responds:

If you re-read my statement, I said that most of the producers I know feel that Garageband is one minute step above eJay; I kept my feelings on the matter to myself (but if you're wondering, I feel that THE SOFTWARE and NOT the people who use it is substandard. In saying that, the typical Garageband user, even you should admit, is a talentless fanboy without clear direction or any concept of musicality playing around with AppleLoops. I have, however, heard great stuff made on Garageband by very talented people; I'm just saying that if they used other programs it would give them much more options about what to do with it).

The whole idea for this piece was to be linear, without any hooks or defined melody lines so as it can be looped without becoming an obvious... well, loop. The feeling of being lost in the flow of the piece was exactly my intention. I'm not interested in the Mozart, Bhethoven, Bach style of composing (while I have a great amount of respect for those composers); I prefer my music to sound, as you put it 'random' (which, of course, it isn't; its very constrained in C# minor and a tempo of 74 throughout).

It was nice of you not to vote to help out my score but to be honest, I don't give a damn about high scores, or very much about other people's opinions on my music. Its nice to know people like something I've done, its a little disappointing when someone doesn't but it doesn't affect anything. I think this piece is alright- nothing too special but yeah, I like it. So if somebody has a differing opinion, that's fine.

Seriously; I'm sorry if I seemed to imply that anyone who uses Garageband is somehow 'beneath me', that really wasn't my intention at all and I did not mean to offend any Garageband users by saying that it wasn't great software. It just lacks a lot of features and has a tendancy to be used for creating shit, in my experience but again, if used correctly, talented musicians can use it to create great music.


you hit a sharp note at 00:44 so just check it out and maybe fix it =) otherwise really good just wish it would pick up in pace a little, but, good job

Kanped responds:

Its not a sharp note; the song's in C# minor. Its just a strange chord. Thanks, anyway.

Very interesting.

The melody and atmosphere the song has was great.
The tune was nice to hear.
Keep up the great work!

Kanped responds:

Thank you

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Feb 10, 2009
10:00 AM EST
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