[Forever Mine]

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It's songs like this that make you realize how far you've come. This is definitely one of my best, and my current favorite. Melody, heaviness, solos, everything.


For the intro, used a lot of atmospheric effects and panned guitar noises. Threw a phaser on some stuff, used lots of reverb and delay. For the heavier part, just used my regular tone.
I wanted this song to be heavy, but eventually lead into a progression. I threw in the piano that I used in Better than Nothing, I love that effect. For the intermission after the first chorus, I had a phaser, chorus, and wah pedal set half way for the tone. Sounded fricking awesome. I used about the same bass tone, except I turned the treble up a tiny bit.

For the solo, just used my normal methods. Awesome harmonies, tapping, blah blah. Good stuff, beautiful to listen to. For the drums, EQ'd snare, kick, cymbals, and toms separately. Different method to EQ/set effects on each, I think they turned out great. I was going for a AILD/killswitch sound, I got close.

Anyway, I love this song. Enjoy you crazy metalheads \m/

JohnMusic (C) 2009


Good job :I

Nice song. I feel as if can conect with this music like a story.

Hells Dammed X Heavens Holyness

deathkllr84 responds:

awesome man! \m/


Very killswitchy for sure. Like the style. I think maybe you could work a little more and create a more distinct lead guitar sound. You have really bad ass riffs and stuff, but I don't think adding a little bit soloing into your song would hurt, during 2:00 area mark would be perfect for a solo. Other than that great job. Drums sounded really tight especially.


deathkllr84 responds:

thanks man! I agree, I don't throw in enough leads anymore. Too much crunch.
I actually did a little solo 'thingy' around 2:00, it's just really quiet and panned to the right.


you wernt lying

this is brutal madness keep it up this song kicks old ladies in the mouth (thats a good thing by the way)

deathkllr84 responds:

haha awesome! \m/



deathkllr84 responds:

thanks man! \m/


I totally forgot about this . This is an awesome song. Reminds me of bands like Trivium , All that remains etc. Solid intro. Great Bass sound. I really like what you have done with your drums. You seem to take advice really well. Best sounding EZ I've heard so far. And I'm serious. But , the snare seems to get lost in the mix. And the single tone lead on 1.13 could use some vibrato so it doesn't sound so stiff , if you know what I mean. Great use of piano and Ambience effects. Solid breakdown at 01.51 I really like your bass tone. It's perfect. The guitars fit well with the reverb/delay . Nice tremolo . Though it makes the drums much louder in volume then the guitars. Other then that , as I said in the beginning . Awesome song. Keep it up.

deathkllr84 responds:

hey man, thanks for these reviews, they really help. Lets see...

Yes, I work hard on those drums =) The snare does get lost in the intro, I noticed. It didn't help that I had 4 crushing guitar tracks on that part, but I'll remember that. I have to start mixing to parts of the song, not the overview.

as far as the lead, I liked how it was. I wanted it to sort of sound far away, like a voice. Thanks for the tip though! Thanks dude, I like my bass tone too.

will do \m/

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Feb 8, 2009
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Heavy Metal
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