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Voice Acting Competition -1-

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Author Comments

-EDIT- WOOOHHH!!! Top of the freaking fried chicken week?!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!

So some may have heard of the FIRST VOICE ACTING COMPETITION here on Newgrounds. Well, I started it and decided to make my own as an example. The goal was to make up a story using multiple voices and end it with, "And that is why I didnt do my homework" If you would like to join and/or are interested then go to this forum thread in the audio forums and read the rules.

THANKS! And please review. I always respond. ;)


http://www.newgrounds.com /bbs/topic/1025263/1

P.S. IMPORTANT: I dont know why... but the audio clip doesn't end when it is supposed to. Just ignore the long 45 seconds of silence lmao. Ill update that soon.


best voice acting ever!

seriusly nanananaaaananaaaannaaaa!

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

ITs not the best, but I am glad you thought it was funny! :D

Comedy gold, man. Way better than comedy bronze.

I just absolutely loved it! It was the best comedy skit that I had listened to in a long time, and I listen to it whenever I'm feeling bored. It just keeps the laughs coming, no matter how many times I've already heard it.

The voices might not have been the most DIVERSE, but it was still reallly well done. The gruffness of the acting gave it a REALITY BOOST, making it seem more like natural talking and not "perfect computerized voice acting". And the way you did the improv, it seemed like you had been working days to get this ready. Nice storylines, great plot, and a funny-as-hell ending.

In fact, I made a video, lip-syncing to this, and I acted as all the characters, from the old lady, to the dad, to the crazy fat guy obsessed with chicken, and even the dog, Skippy. Great stuff.

Find it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFqkeI U6wDw

Hope you can do more of these, I have my iPod ready.

(and for those NEWGROUNDS staff bots that think I'm trying to "attempt to promote an outside, unrelated website", I'm not, so don't report me, i didn't do anything)

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FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

My main goal, when making these skits, is to make people laugh. I thank you for understanding that this wasnt supposed to be the "perfect voice acting" or anything. It was not perfect in any way, and it shouldn't be since I did it in a time trial of one hour. *Improv like you said*

and... WHAT?! YOU MADE A VIDEO!? LMAO I got to see this. THANKS! :D

PFFFFTTTTTTTTT That was so funny. Sometimes the lip syncing was way off but I applaud you for your effort. AWESOME. Thanks for being such a great fan. ;) I am making more BTW.

P.S. Make sure to credit me in that video! :o

Needs Improvement

It seems like the momentary high score has kinda gone to your head, so I wanted to give an honest review. I was gonna wait till the end of the contest, but being a judge, you're already disqualified anyway.

First off, I appreciate your energy. You are projecting and making some effort to get into your characters. All in all though, it's pretty hard to give this a very positive review for a number of reasons, first and foremost being the following:

-I have tried to listen to this four times now.
-Only on the fourth time did I actually finish it because the harshness of your voice is fairly grating on my senses. Perhaps your equipment is partially to blame, but those angry gruff voices don't really help.

Your pronunciation is often rushed and faltering, a strong indicator that you aren't taking the time to listen to yourself and correct your own mistakes. You seem proud that you made this in an hour, but that only supports the notion that you were a bit sloppy and careless with the whole thing.

It doesn't show much range, and although I saw you argue with a few reviews that said the very same thing, I have to agree with those few others. The voices all sound very similar with that harsh gruffness of yours. Distinguishing characters is possible, but it's hardly natural feeling. The first three characters (protagonist, friend and dad) all sound extremely similar and I could barely tell the difference at all between the main character and his friend aside from the flow of the conversation itself.

For mixing, try to take advantage of the stereo capabilities of your sound editor. Doing so could have even compensated for some of the issues caused by the lack of variation in your characters' voices.

I personally didn't find it very clever or entertaining, but certainly take some comfort in the fact that so many others did. Sorry to be so harsh, but 1) these are my honest opinions and 2) it seemed like you were getting unnecessarily big-headed about the whole "best of the week" and "best of all time" things in the audio portal. Those are score-based positions, and yet you try to direct people's attention away from the updated score at the same time as you are bragging.

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FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

Thanks a lot for your help man, I really apreciate it. This wasnt actually meant to become so popular, which actually made it worse than it already is. I just made this for the hell of it and did not really try to make each charecter sound different, mix the final production, or pronounce each word clearly. I was actually trying to do a sort of improv sort of thing.

As for bragging, I mentioned it a couple of times but actually feel bad that I got #1 of the week and all time... because there were so many others hat deserved that more so than myself.

In other words, this is not my true colors, nor is that silly FattyMcpatty thing I do with my friend every month. This was just something I did on a boring saturday night and decided to submit to Newgrounds to see what people thought of the comedy style I choose. *crazy and random*

My actual VOICE ACTING comes from the movies that I act for. Most of them have not come out yet, but I am waiting for 4 or so to come out, which I think have some nice acting in them but can never tell since I do not have the gigantic experience I need to tell if my voice is good or not. Ill PM you when one of these comes out and THEN I can know if my voice acting is good or not.

THANKS AGAIN FOR THIS HELPFUL INFORMATION! You must understand this thing was more of a joke though, nothing serious. And it is more teenage humor so a great grizzly hunk of a man like you would not find any pleasure in a homeless man screaming the word SANDWHICH at the top of his lungs.

This was pretty funny

I actually liked this bro I lol'd at some parts mainly the old lady saying she was going to eat your brain. Anyway it's descent entertainment when your bored.

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FatKidWitAJetPak responds:



Best voice-acting ever.

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FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

Lol this review is the exact oppisite of the one below. XD

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Feb 7, 2009
8:18 PM EST
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5 min 23 sec
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