): R.I.P Corky52 :(

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"I regret to inform you that at 5:38 P.M, Wednesday, February 4, 2009, Corey Adam Fromille passed away after multiple heart attacks. He was escorted to Lock Haven Hospital where he was pronounced dead after attempted defibrillation. At his last request, he informed me to relay his password to a friend here on Newgrounds, so that his account would be taken care of like he would have.

Rest In Peace 9/24/88 - 2/4/09"

www.corky52.newgrounds.co m



He's fine and well, it was a prank from one of his friends.


:[ :( ;_;

Such a sad song. Poor guy... must have been a terrible way to go. :(

The song was good. I liked the way it started off really slow and sad and then picked up just to slow down again. When listening to this song I imagine the following scene.

"People are at a funeral all crying and being sad.. slowly the camera zooms towards the head of a person as the scene fades out. When the song gets faster it's that person thinking of all the good/fun times that they had together when the person was alive. The race through his mind and scene after scene makes the person smile while he's still crying. When the song slows back down and counts down the person realizes again that the person is still dead and becomes sad again."

Now you could even go on with a little humor to this and make it into a flash submission, which I plan on doing in the future. The flash will just be like what I explained with a couple of people from newgrounds being there and then at the end when the song is over I'll walk in and be like..., "Man who died?"

Of course I can joke about it now, but I was obviously upset when I found out that it happened. Anyway, I plan on downloading this and using it in a flash so you should keep it up so I can credit you when the flash is submitted in the future.

Thanks for caring enough to make a song man.

Bloodman101 responds:

Sweet! Thanks for the review, Corky52... Or at least his ghost!

Thanks for the Ten.

... lol

That's a nice amusing way to leave newgrounds. Seriously how funny would it be, being ranked like 160th on newgrounds, faking your own newgrounds death and seeing how everyone reacts. If I was corky I would be ROFLING so hard right now from my newgrounds grave.

I respect him for leaving in the best and simplest way possible.

Check his prev posts, he's perfectly fine.. he even says Bye, as if he's leaving NG. It's a bit obvious since everyone is pretty much leaving newgrounds these days...

If I was gonna die tomorrow my NG account would be one of the last things I'd think about. Actually I wouldn't think about it at all...

Did he forget to mention his social security no. / pin number..
Free money Pl0x!111!!!


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Bloodman101 responds:

Good point, I don't really believe he died, just maybe taking a break from newgrounds.


If it's true, this is a very sad day for everyone here. :(

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Bloodman101 responds:

We do not know if it is true yet, but check corky's page for updates.

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