Lucovic - D'Memorial (Remixed)

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The old version of this was pretty awesome, but i thaught it could be better. so i mixed this one up, making adjustments to the following:

-New and better drums
-Pads no longer in default state
-Changes to bassline to make it less repeative
-More breaks
-Slightly longer
-Added some other FX

Please Vote/Leave a review, i would really like it, Check out my other tracks as well if you like this one.
Enjoy =P


Very nice.

I agree, your remix to this song was much better. I myself have a fucking ridiculous sound system with very expensive speakers so they could handle the base just fine...unfortunately the rest of the room couldn't and it was like a mini earth quake in my room, books were come out of shelves. Glasses were falling over, pictures were falling off the walls and my computer monitor was slowly moving it's way off the side of the desk. I could literally see the windows bowing in and out.
Damn good too dude, I also agree with the not being a sad song but instead I almost get an epic, almost shock and aw inspiring feeling from the first one, the second one you did better on the sadness part but still gave too much of an epic feeling. That almost electronic quire/piano sound in the back ground was what gave that to the atmosphere of the song. Over all the song was pretty fucking bad ass, I just wish you put more sound effects into it. I think to accent the feeling of sadness in this song you should have some documentary talking in the back ground of gas chambers or maybe one of Hitlers speeches in the background. Maybe the sound of some one continuously counting out a death tole.
In my opinion the best "sad" sounding song through just music alone minus all the talking would be Necros Evangelicum from the band Brighter Death Now. Look it up on YouTube, and yes they spell it Evangelicum. Just a suggestion if you are determined to give it a sad feeling.

But I digress... Over all the song was pretty bad ass and I saved it to my library, please message me when you have new D&B songs out you have obvious talent and I want to keep up with your music.

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Lucovic responds:

Oh yes, your story sure as hell made me laugh :P. i also have a massive subwoofer in my room and some of the things you told have also occured over here :P.

This remix was indeed an improvement of the old death memorial. still, this remix is from april 2009 and that means it is almost a year in age. my skills in music producing have obviously increased, so i started making ANOTHER remix about 3 weeks ago =]. its not finished yet, but i am making progress. i want to make the intro a lot more sad indeed and the DnB part itself is going to be full of the deep, heavy sub basses i used in here. also the idea of putting vocals from hitler/gas chamber documentary is a great idea i have not thought of myself =]. i will be sure to pot that in the intro, since there is room enough for it ^^.

Sadly, i will not put this song on NG, since i have left my NG account for a long time already. i will only put my non DNB experimental songs on NG in the future. most of my DnB is now on last.fm. This means that there are much tracks (some of them unfinshed) for you to check out =].

i will listen to the song you mentioned on youtube, might be useful for inspiration =]. also, if you want to listen to more from me, just send me a PM ^^.

Thank you for the review

old school

your structure is good. the build-up is smooth and nothing is too repetitive. i dislike the pitch change effect. it's just too obnoxious, haha

good work, though. love that sub

Lucovic responds:

Thanks a lot, im glad to see that my changes paid off :P

this is some real D&B

Relaxing and Crazy at the same time.

yeah man definitly some good work. Normally I ramble on about the frequency spectrum and over compression etc. But I dont wanna now... I just wanna bounce for a bit :p

Spine Therapist

Lucovic responds:

Thanks a lot dude, keep bouncing out there ^^



Lucovic responds:



Weird, new, exciting! Love it! 8/10

Lucovic responds:

Haha glad u like it =P

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Feb 4, 2009
2:44 PM EST
Drum N Bass
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