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A Peaceful Interlude

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Author Comments

To whomever might be reading this, this is just an initial test to upload something in order to check out if the quality of the sound changes during the process.

To give some information, this "song" was done in an hour using the demo version of Fruity Loops 8. Using the demo version means that I'm forced to export my song into mp3 without saving my project, so everything I do (and will continue to do) will be made in less than a day.

Constructive criticism (+ve or -ve as it may be) is always well accepted :o).

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it was right in front of me! lol

QUITE A CLASSICAL PIECE. i was whining that you should try produciing a classical piece. but this is lovely. and will suffice for me.
I love it. I love it i love it. SO unusual. and weirdly appropriate for odd games.
Your use of that Oriental instrument is great. I love it all. It reminds me a bit of spyro the dragon. :D JOLLY GOOD SHOW! very impressed. More layers are always a good thing. It could be thickened out a bit more with other instruments. (obviously fitting to the other instruments.) well done mr scientist! 10/10 5/5. and Favourited

SFaPiL2 responds:

Thank you very much :o).

I have to admit this was one of my newest creations, therefore it was a little more refined than my usual old submittions. However, it wasn't too serious because I didn't have enough time to create it [ I was supposed to study for an exam ;o) ].

Thank you VERY much for the awesome scores + favourite!


This review will be in response to your request :).
It will be in time lapse format.

And lets begin...

0:00-0:06: I like the chord progression, it automatically sets the mood. Drifting, cheerful, a little intense, but not too harsh. I like the overall introductory vibe, which is one of the most important elements in a song. The only recommendation that I would have for this section is that you maybe add a little delay or reverb to the pad you used, it sounds just a bit dry, and I think it would sound good if it was a bit more lush. Still, I like it :).

0:07 - 0:19: Great great sound! That was the lush / wet sound I was looking for. You hit it on the head, it's not too muddy, but you feel very relaxed. It almost gives you that beach feeling. I really like this! The melody is constructed very nicely, you're sound choice is excellent as well. No clashing at any frequency level, low tones are just right to the point where the song feels full, but not stuffed.

0:20 - 0:33: Haha I really like the little cymbal crash to bring in the drum beat. It's very subtle but it sends kind of a light hearted vibe down your spine. As I listen further into the drumbeat it really does send off that Hawaiian beach scene image.

0:34 - 0:47: Well, I like the bass sound you used, but there is a little bit of clashing with the other instruments on a mid-range level. Not to much of a problem, it happens a lot, and luckily it doesn't really detract from the song at all. I love the shift in the guitar melody, it almost went from Hawaiian to Arabian, but you caught it back on track with the second section of the first 2 beats.

0:48 - 1:10: I really like that you brought back in the mellow pads. If you hadn't had done so, I think the song would have lost it's mood within the next 20-30 seconds. *This song is timed very well!* The fade out on the drums and bass went very smoothly, without error. Great work!

1:10 - End: Perfect, perfect. The song has just the right fade out length. You get the feeling like you've had just enough. Normally I would have said this song was too short, but I think it actually fits nicely. Good work my friend, continue along this path of production, it suites you very well.

5/5 10/10


SFaPiL2 responds:

Thank you very much!

I love your review. The fact that you sub-divided it into time-sections makes it very easy to understand where I might have gone wrong and this helps me alot. Plus, you gave an in depth explanation from a listeners point of view [very useful :o)].

I agree with what you said about the pad. The pauses between each note were WAY too silent. I'll probably toy around with the delay and reverb with the next songs I'll make.

I'm very glad you liked the percussions in general :o). I must say that this was probably my most refined (and successful) work regarding the choice and creation of the beat in general. Good to know it worked.

The bass sounds a bit strange now that I'm listening to it, plus it seems a bit out of context with the "peacefulness" (gives it a sad/bored feeling). You're right.

"This song is timed very well!": Thanks! That's one hell of a compliment for me :o).

"continue along this path of production": I will focus on this kind of structure in future creations.

You're too kind with the score ;o).



I begin now :p

well its a chill down song, calm and not too intense. The melody is good but overused, "the wave-ish sounds in the intro and ending " well that end two fast, some decay could have done wonders, the drums are simple but I guess it goes with the song mood, must more can't be tell, not a very complex song, but its ok, one hour and a test for sound quality....

from the darkness in the review request club xD

SFaPiL2 responds:

The use of decay... hmm... never thought of this. Noted. I will play around with that.

Thanks alot.

T'heh... Mario.

This really reminds me of Super Mario Sunshine or something in that direction, I really like it. And I actually prefer the accoustic in this way ( for this particular piece ) with the echoes-ish feeling to it without it feeling too dark.
This interlude certainly brightens up my ( darkish, misty, windy and snowy day ) and I am happeh.

One thing I would like to nag about though is the wave-ish sounds in the intro and ending. On the first run I find it a bit annoying how they fade out so quickly into nothing ( it feels like breathing and then get the air stolen from you, just like that :(. ) and then how it overlaps the music for a really long time. In your defense, once it did end it synced perfectly with the melody... And then it comes back again XD.
Still I guess it fits the theme of an interlude. Short n' sweet.

All in all, nice melody, interesting pace and with a calming touch.

You just gotta love it for what it is.

SFaPiL2 responds:


Yup, a few days after I made this interlude I listened to it and noticed that flaw and it annoyed me too (fortunately it doesn't last too long, but still it pissed me off!). There should've been some background sound to soften it up. Oh well.

Good to know the rest was ok. thanks again.

could use a hell of alot of work

i thought the tune didnt go well, the acoustic didnt sound real enough,would of went well with some long gentle pluck synth, good work nonetheless i mean you are still learning as am i

SFaPiL2 responds:

hmm... I just thought this new acoustic guitar they added in FL 8 demo was good and tried it out (the others seem way more fake).

Spent an hour to make (at most), so it was nothing serious.

Credits & Info


4.50 / 5.00

Feb 4, 2009
8:38 AM EST
File Info
1.3 MB
1 min 26 sec

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