.:Alchemus Infinus:.

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This is an oldie, but it's something to rub your nipples too. Metal song with some serious bass and some room for vocals, i've yet to disclose further info about the album, but i feel like this will show it's face on it as well. \m/



Like Mass Failure, this piece inspired me to write stuff. It's a bit repeatitive, though, but vocals may fix that. Great job.

hell yeah!

ur the best artist in the ng ever! i hope there's coming more!

Wow That Was Awsome!!

I'm not the kind of person who rubbs my nipples, but This Song is deffinitely one of the best i've herd in a while!!! BIG KUDOS BUDDY :):):)

It definitely has potential, but:

1. It sounds very, very repetitive.

A little more variation would be welcome. I mean more than just minor "mutations" in the overall style of the song; there were times here when I thought: "Is he just playing the same basic loop, but only a little faster/slower?".

2. You like drums a little too much.

When drums are the basis upon which everything else is constructed, the song tends to blend into one giant drum solo. Maybe this is just a style issue with me, but drum solos don't come across as anything overly creative, no matter how loud you make them (just to be clear; I'm not saying this piece was one giant drum solo, I'm just saying that the drums were a little too pervasive - especially from half way forward - and this made everything *seem* like nothing but drums)

3. It's too long.

3-4 minutes should be enough to make your point. If you're gonna hit hard, you better hit fast, or people will just tune out prematurely. Instead of appending things to the track whenever you think of something awesome to include, try to modify the stuff you already have to fit the best parts into the 3-4 minute window.

So, quantity over quality - I know you have the skills to kick our asses fast and hard; you just need to do it.


That said: I was disappointed to find out that you removed some of your earlier work from your audio page. There was a piece there that I liked called "Human Transport" (I think that's what it's called), and now it's just gone. Why did you take that stuff down anyway?

Also, concerning "0 voters", just ignore them - that's the way to make them leave. When you do the whole "I hate 0 voting fucks" thing, it just brings in more 0 voting fucks, which makes you more angry, and in turn brings in even more 0 voting fucks (because they want to see you pissed)......see, it's a feedback loop.

Well, I hope you found this to be constructive ( I tried my best ).

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A New Oldie?

I think this is the first song of yours that I coud tell will eventually have vocals added to it. It makes me interested in hearing the final product. And really, that's the only reason I'm giving this a nine, rather than a ten, because I can't really give it a full ten until I hear it with vocals.

Other than that, though, this is really cool. I love all the bass drum in it, and the guitar solo sounds a lot more complex than a lot of your other pieces seem to be. The choir was really well placed in this as well. I think the thing I like most about it is that it gets better as th song goes on, with the guitar solo being sort of the big crescendo of the piece.

So yeah. Good job, and I look forward to hearing this with vocals.

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4.15 / 5.00

Feb 4, 2009
1:17 AM EST
Heavy Metal
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