ROBOT HELL (3min20sec)

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Experimental,5/4 time signature. Go to hell and let me know what it's like..4 weeksy : )



Not enough people get the possibilities of 5/4. Thank you for demonstrating :)


It's a good song, but the name doesn't quite fit what my guess of the song would be, but it's close. If it's expiremental, it's a GOOD one.

The theme switches alot. I found myself thinking of a game when the song went techno.

AdmiralConquistador responds:

Interesting. What were you expecting from a title ROBOT HELL? I wouldn't expect anything but experimental, or industrial, maybe some hard trance. I guess you say it's close, so I still somehow win. Thanks, it is experimental, and I'm glad you think it's good, but you have it a 7! I clearly said it was experimental, and you said "If it's expeiremental, it's a GOOD one." Good is capitalized too! Oh well, no matter. I'm happy enough I got reviewed. Third_Nut said it reminded him of megaman when it went techno, so I guess you're not too far off when it sounds like a game to you. Thanks for listening and reviewing!



Now lets see, I didn't review the last one, cuz personally I didn't like it and I didn't want to post something that I dont like. I could give advice... but I personally dont know how to fix it. No hard feelings.

The beginning to this was bass, bass and bass. The bass over flowed this song and there were some cameos by other instruments along the way, but it really is good for a bad guy theme. A bad guy theme basically is bass. Bass sounds like dark and evil, so it mostly goes toward them instead of good guy themes.

The whole song went on with just bass, and I basically cant say anything else, lol. Except that high pitched scream really hurt my ears.

And what was that megaman kinda theme in the middle. It was awesome, but it came out of nowhere. Personally, I was kinda wrong on that Sweeter Than Candy being better then Strange Love, not that it isn't good, but I think I was just trippin then. BUT I KNOW, that this song is better than Strange Love.

Like I said to SonicEclipse's new song Ecstasy-Cut... you should try a song that kinda focuses on a piano. I really think that you guys can do real good at doing that. You dont have to, its just a suggestion.

0 Third 0 Nut 0

AdmiralConquistador responds:

Strange love still takes the cake for me. This one is such a different sound, but as far as just beauty and personal attachment, Strange Love is my baby. I'm really glad you like my music enough that you have to struggle over deciding which is your favorite. You're one of the best fans a regular dude like me could have. I'm sorry about those high pitched screams hurting you, they didn't bug me on my headphones. I love bass, bass is probably one of the best parts of any song for me, and I play bass so I have an excuse hehe. Glad you liked it!


10, cos it was for me:).....

....I certainly is nice to hear some weird experimenting goin on. Sounds like something i would find whilst doing my weekly shopping at Bleep.com! The only bit i'm not too keen on is the faster techy section and I wish it had ended with more of a bang. Really cool stuff, and for me, u shouldn't have!!:)

AdmiralConquistador responds:


I'm fond of the faster techy section. So boohoo to you mr weeksy! Thanks man, I do always enjoy a review from you, and for you the world is not enough!

Blegh, how corny!



... experimental stuff aint hell, not even for robots (especially not for them :)
This song has a laid back "in the back dressed in black and sunshades" attitude to it, combined with some hallucinations and some fast ffw alien autopsy.. wierd shit man, and i really like it!!! There is a little bit lack of flow, but experimental stuff can get away with murder 1, so what the hell! This would be perfect for backgroundmusic in a twinpeaks styled animation clip(film). Hope someone uses it, I really do!
My songs are mainly experimental, things tend to be that when u really dont know what u do ;)
If u wanna hear some experimental stuff i made, go check out "Never having second thoughts", there´s lots of hmm... not wierd, but wierd (ehum...) stuff going on in that song.

This song however isnt that complicated, it´s just wierd, and that´s what makes it cool!
It sounds really doped up, but like i said, not that very difficult to create (?)
Good job though, and please keep on experimenting! That´s the most interesting to listen to :D


AdmiralConquistador responds:

Heh, it's funny. I was wondering whether or not people would be like "wtf? this is just noises" but I'm glad you say it's actually good. It wasn't very difficult to create this, it was just cool sounding and fun to make. Thanks for the review man, always appreciate comments from ya!


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Mar 6, 2005
7:36 AM EST
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