Jxl180 - Distorted Dreams

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Please listen to the full song, then vote/review.

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Not bad.

I enjoyed the introduction to the song and liked the nice little build up that you had. Kind of your generic trance song, but I guess they all are. The whole song did have a very dreamy sound to it so good job on fitting the song with the topic/title. It had a nice catchy beat to it and it was fun to listen to.

Overall - Perhaps a little generic, but I usually have the same feelings for every trance and every techno song that I listen to. :/ Still a fun song to listen to and pretty catchy.

~ Review Request Club ~

jxl180 responds:

I appreciate all the reviews you have written for my songs.

Thank you.

work on your intros

make them flow a lil better and make them shorter. Dude the synth at 00:43 was great!!! you should have made that the intro, i think you song would have gotten more recognition. Turn down the volume on the symbal biulds in your transitions, lol. It's certainly dramatic, but a lil hard on the ears, lol. next time make a solid kick over the echo kick to stablize the beat. 1:16 to 1:23 should have been left out to keep the songs from declining. when the tension is building don't bring it down so often, it will help you keep peoples intrest. Your music is creative and i think it is great, but the impatient voters of newgrounds would have only listen to part of the song. That part would been the intro and right after that to see what happens. So you need to put the songs best part int he beggining to hook them, then add to that part at the end for a climax. I think this will get you better scores, votes, reviews, and listens. I like the sharp synths that you used in this song and the other one alot. Keep these synths. Listen to a super popular trance song and analyze it's structure. Then make a similar structure and add your own personality to it to make it unique to you. I think that will help you alot. Work on your structure and you will be gold!!!

jxl180 responds:

HAHA! Nice! Thank you so much. With structure on most songs, I usually hear it start simple. Maybe one synth or so, but no percussion, but from there on out they just layer and layer. They have a synth, then maybe a kick drum on every beat. then add symbols, until it all builds up and is all together:

The best example is Zdarlight by Digitalism ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ePfIk GqHCQ )


Man this is totally AWESOME!!! I there isn't one off beat and not only that, it sounds great! I cant wait for more!

jxl180 responds:

Wow thanks!

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Feb 1, 2009
3:17 PM EST
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