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Azarthian Girl {=MMD=}

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Mac 9

To Clear up some confusion about the lyrics I should explain that this particular love song was inspired by characters from a game which I am part of the Dev team for. The website for which is http://www.talesofdilogus .com . Azarthian's are the strongest of the races and the keepers of all magic, and are hated by humans... thus, forbidden love. So if indeed the lyrics confuse you, this may clear it up a bit.

I am a personal fan of the Instrumental half way through the piece.

For those who always ask in the reviews... the following programs and hardware were used to create this piece of work.

- Cubase Studio 4
- Reason 4.0
- Eastwest's Goliath
- Eastwest's Ministry of Rock

- High End PC
- PreSonus Inspire 1394 Controller
- Yamaha DGX 305 Keyboard
- "Blue" Baby Bottle Condenser Mic

And there you have it. As always it is likely I won't answer many reviews, but I will read them all. If you have a serious question, I pretty much always answer my PM's right away.

(*** You Can add my music to your facebook by getting the app "Ilike" on your page. Then searching for the artist "Daniel Stang" ****)

Here is the Lyrics
Deep in the hills of Dilogus
There lives a girl
Not any girl

The story goes
She was Azarthian
Too powerful for humankind
In loneliness she was confined

And everyday
She'd stroke her wing
The world would never know
she's born a half angel

She couldn't smile
She couldn't sing
No magic in the world
Could shake this feeling

Ba-da-ba-da-Ba-Da-Ba (x4)

On a crooked path
Through the frozen woods
Leading no where in particular
She could feel him there
She could see him There
Watching her with his human Eyes

And could it be
Oh Could it be
Another Angel
Inside this human Being


The woods danced in blossom
To hide their embrace
The wing on her shoulder
Carressing his face

This half angel human
Was hers for the nigh
But if they should find her
She surely would die

She would die here in his arms
Yes she would Die here in his arms
As long as she held magic
She'd fight until she bleeds

There is no other way
I can't believe it came to this
and I pray
Remember me
As my wing falls to the ground

She will die happy (x3)
She will die...


For the record... do you have any idea how hard it is to fit "Azarthian" and "Dilogus" into lyrics? Damn.



i havent heard something this good in so long it feels like i haven't heard music before.

Good job!

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Absolutely beautiful.

This song. I can't even begin to describe it in words. I'd have to use a language that's not human to describe how beautiful this is, MMD. You have so much talent. Thanks for putting it to good use. :) Great job.

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love it

i love this song its amazing and you did a pretty good job with the lyrics and it probably hard to right that in there that many times so yeah you did a good job

Approaching perfection.

I'll tell you now.

You're brilliant. You actually are brilliant. I'll agree with toucanman that it seemed to lack some emotion that you had in your other songs, but it still has a little something. The lyrics don't go smoothly at some parts, which is kinda annoying, but you still managed to work it all in brilliantly. The unstrumental is very good, and the line after it was powerful.


not sure....

mmd, i like this song, but its kind of dissapointing. First off, I love the light piano strokes strewn in the background, and how it seems to interact with the music and vocals. The melody is original and interesting, and the instrumental is my favorite part.

The biggest problem with this song in my humble opinion is the emotion, or lack thereof. I actually had to go back and listen to your other songs, and if you do this and ignore the words, you can still feel the point your trying to get across. The vocals, while technically good as far as I can tell, seem to have lost their fullness and meaning in this song. Granted its about a video game but it inevitably lacks the passion that attracted me to your other songs.

Anyone else that submitted this would have gotten and 8 or 9, but im just hoping for the next song I can convince you to bring the love and passion even at the expense of some technical details.

I am curious to see if you agree with me on this, but thanks for posting again nonetheless, downloaded into my giant stack of MMD songs :)

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Jan 30, 2009
4:40 AM EST
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