[AriA] Twilight Rose {WIP}

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Okay, so this is basically my entry for a Dance Music Competition thingy, i think it's pretty good =]

But, the name, i thought of a rose, because their sexy? But, then i thought. "OMG, what if a rose could dance?" and then i was like BOUNCE YAY!

So this song's kick is definitely bouncy, and enjoyable. You guys will like it i think. But, the middle is kinda crappy, still soothing and strings / bells like usual, but i could have put more work into it.

You see, i had to make a dance song in a hour. So i wrote out the music and then in 1 hour i put it into FL xD. Kinda cheated? But i don't think so =]

Anyway, stats!

160 BPM
50+ Patterns
37+ Automation Clips
20+ FX
12+ Mixer Channels
20+ Mixer Affects
2: 56, ENJOY!

A lot of work went into this, let me know what you think guys!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Vote/ Review/ Download! =]

(Help me get Top 5 of the week? Pretty please =]?)



Pretty slick to be a 1 hour song

Love the name btw

[AriA] Twilight Rose {WIP}

Melody is awesome.

Some of the best Dance/Techno on NG.

IndieDance responds:

awesome =] thanks!

Pretty cool! :D / readed ur pm ;D

I do like this song but the string and the synth is to loud and it would be much better if the melodi didn't sounds like the same in the whole song.. =)

but otherwise it's perfect! 10/10 5/5

- Lee

IndieDance responds:

thanks for the advice. =] and thanks!


Only advice, add more of those small vocals. and also at the ned the sound suddenly went up for a millisecond. might wanna fix that.

IndieDance responds:

its supposed 2, for the end. and yeh once i get my computer back =]


this song is perfect for any club XD
the song kind of has 2-3 songs mixed in it wich rly confused me as i was working on something else,but it was good nethertheless. the middle with the calm bells n stuff was good but it kind of gave away the background leeder of the song. the voice effects where awsum, did u make em?

so to sum it all up this song is awsome and i hope to hear other submissions like this from you in the neer future

IndieDance responds:

sweet, glad you liked it. and the 2-3 songs is meant for non repetitiveness. so like ur ear can follow one melody (your favorite) and dance out to it =].

but ur taleneted so u listen to all and try to follow all. just try and follow one :P

and the middle was meant as a "counter" melody, so i guess the "background leeder" thing makes sense. but thats wut its supossed 2 be =].

anyway, thanks!

ohh wait, the voice affects r just samples i download off places, but i manipulate them to make them sound the way i want =]


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Jan 26, 2009
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