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Hey all! New song ^_^

Soooooo, super funny club intro with lots of crazy FX play, and a bass i worked on for a long time to get right. Some really fast melos, and some party slow melos... super song! LOL!

Nah, but, this song has been just tons of fun to make, i love doing tiny little melodies here and there, and to just add lots of transitions and bridges, and ofcourse just the 4x4 kick! x)

Been in the works for about 2-3 weeks now, but its been in my "to do" folder for well over a month...

I hope ya'll like it!

Enjoy =)

Thank you for your time.

-[ BeatSource ]-


are you kidding me?

This song is awesome as hell,didn't see your other tracks but that's seriously friggin skilled.

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Ethalyn responds:

Thanks ;) New song will be out next week if your interested :) Im glad you liked this one! =D


one thing wrong with it: it's not being played in clubs :(
well thats all i can think of thats wrong, everything else is WHOOOOOOOOOO (or amazing as 'normal' people put it)
keep it up

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Ethalyn responds:

Hah! x) Best review EVER! Thanks!


Nice song... NOT!!
No just kidding man,
I love it, especially the melody=) The beat was good. simple, but good. kick was gr8.. (almost) everything was gr8!
What i liked the most: The beat and melody, the use of vocals and the transitions keep rocking me=D
What i didnt like that much.: That melody in the beginning, i first loved the intro so much.. but i think u kinda overdid the use of synths and stuff. (dont mind me its just my opinion=D) Then the bass after the breakbeat in the beginning was a little to high on the notes. the bass DID overpower that but, i still think u could put little less power on those higher notes:P
What i loved most was the outro man.. It really really really rocked my sox=) The change of length and stuff.. Gr8!

Overall view: <3

<3fav'd =D

G'day m8!

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Ethalyn responds:

Yeah, may have overused something here and there, but that was actually my idea for this song, just to NEVER let it breath, constantly something happening, and just lots of fast melodies, but i guess everyone just has their taste ;) And yeah, your right about the bass in the intro before the club intro... the upper notes get a little high and ruin the climax for the club intro, i might actually fix that or just take it into consideration when making a new song! :)

Thanks for the tips, im glad you liked it ;)

Holy crap!

Dude you came a long way since the last time I listened to one of your songs some months ago... Holy crap... This is just epic dance music! XD

10/10 5/5 +0.0066


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Ethalyn responds:

Thanks, im glad youlike it!!! =D

Shweet song!

You finally mastered it perfectly! I really like the intro, but the main saw imo is a little too hard.

Oh damn do I love that melody. I think I'm going to be listening to this over and over again for about an hour. You hooked me!

Great damn song dude. I'm a little too much in shock of how good it is that I can't right a satisfactory review to go along with this amazing song.

Great outro too!

I love pretty much everything about this song. It's just great. Nothing but pure "ace" here, as you say it XD!!


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Ethalyn responds:

Thanks man, im glad you enjoyed pretty much every aspect of it ;) And YESH, i finally got mastering =D

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