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*Darkness Into Light* [IZK]

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Author Comments

Well. I fixed the clipping, and I forgot one of the most important things: the hi hats >.< Great lol. Added those in there as well, with some rides, and increased the volume of the drums. Lol. My score got bombed. Great lol. Well, it was to be expected. Getting used to it. It's like whatever now. Anyway, enjoy, those who are true to themselves and really want to listen in on this track. Peace.

*UPDATE* 2 - 1/28/2009

Changed around a few synths. Apparently the tranisition wasn't as noticable... sooo yeah. New synth. There ya go. Hope you enjoy. Keep it real

Hey newgrounds. Something totally new. Found some sound effects that I wanted to use. This can sound pretty creepy due to the hard breathing and the heart beating... soooo yeah. Listeners beware. If your heart starts beating as fast, I recommend continuing to listen, because I only use it twice. The mood swings into something ligther, so you'll be fine by the end.

Just a few new things added, messed around with the frequency and cutoff to make the drums go in and out. That's pretty much the newest thing I have. That, and I finally learned how to clean up my amen break :D WOO! Good achievement. Sounds live doesn't? XD haha.

One important thing, there is a sub bass in this, so you need to have a really good set up. I just got new speakers, and they sound pretty epic on mine. If you have a good setup, then great. As for others who have semi-okay speakers, try either getting new ones, or putting up the volume just a tinge. Everything mastered in here sounds great on my setup, and hopefully they sound fine on yours.

Credits to S3C. I used some of her sounds in my song, and that's how it sounds so good :P Well yeah. Anyway, I hope you enjoy, I worked pretty hard on this one. I know there's some repetition, but... that's the one thing that I can't help... try to listen to the whole song in it's entirety, okay?

As always, criticism is greatly appreciated. Good or bad, I'd love to know what your thoughts are. Enjoy, newgrounds. Keep it real~


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I find some off these people are wasting there time on here. They want to be up with record labels and stuff and you should be one of them :-) Nice tune

Jenni-Harry4eva3 responds:

Well.. thanks. Glad you liked it. Iunno about a record label, but.. not at this current time. I'm not good enough as of now.


5. That's all i'll reveal.

it's ok

it's good for an amateur because of all the sample and fx clips but it'd be nice to see something of your own creation other than composition. The drums didn't really suit the strings / foreground because they were thin and metallic where'as the strings / foreground was warm and thick. Also the amen break isn't layered on a separate channel or hz freq as the strings and because they were both sampled (and most likely thrown through a wav or mp3 reader) they fought for the same frequency and cut each other out.

Try having your hats between 1 and 14 k hz, your snare at 200 - 400, your kick at 100 - 150 and sup from 50 - 100. That will give your drums perfect space, they wont clip with each other and they are the best frequencies for perfect oomph. It also leaves you 600 - 1000 hz of mid range leads and over 100,000 hz of high shelf leads (but you don't have any in this song).

Keep up the good work

Awsome stuff

I like your style a lot man! And the zerobombs yeah im starting to get use to it. But it still gets me but oh well!
Anyways im lovong the intro but it was kinda long. But i guess you where trying to set the mood then i guess its okay.
And i 5 voted your song just for the kick! An even downloaded it!

Jenni-Harry4eva3 responds:

Thanks man! XD Yeaaahh... damn those zero bombs... but, it's just normal nowadays. Yep yep! Just gotta get through light. Yeah, I had to set the mood somehow.... so why not the intro? Sacrifice a few points on the length of the intro. Thanks for 5-ing it by the way! Awesome! Downloaded. Hope you have fun listening to that. I'll be glad to help you out any time.


Pretty sweet...

...but sounds almost like some other songs of yours, with the main melody. Nice job on it though. I like the background bass noise. Reminds me of some videogame... I think Perfect Dark. XD Hey, I think we should do some type of collab. I mean... I have some ideas for a song you could make since you're really good at these type of songs. Just gotta wait like a week. Moving again! Ahh! Anyways... nice work. Still like Crystalline Ambience the best. :) Hopefully, you'll come out with something to beat that. :P

Jenni-Harry4eva3 responds:

Eehhh.. I spose so. They all have a difference though... Yeaah. I just put that in there for effect. Lol. Perfect Dark XD creepy ass game lol. Sure. Let's collab sometime. AGH! The moving X3 Thanks mate. Ahhh... I wonder when any of these will beat crystalline ambience X3 lol. Thanks mate.


Credits & Info


4.40 / 5.00

Jan 25, 2009
8:59 PM EST
Drum N Bass
File Info
6.1 MB
4 min 28 sec

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