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Gave it the title because I came to a sudden realization, most of the songs I was working on SUCKED. So I deleted about 85% of my projects. Yay.

Rate and review, with advice 'cause I really need it.



The strings int eh beginning sounded a tad flat, but from27-the end was pretty sweet! good work on this, it sounds like you put a lot of effort into this... I hopw you don't mind me asking, but you know the piano ur using? where did you get that? is it built into FL studio? I'm just asuming you use Fl studio, but I no good piano! I would really appreciate it if you could tell me where u got / found / made that piano!

DisconnectedFromGame responds:

The piano is from Nexus. I'll pm the link to it's home page to you.

And thanks for the review man!


Hi Disconnected,

The joy of the ability to delete music on NG. Well, I'm sure we can all say that we get better by first producing "sucky" music. Anyway, your song title interested me. Here is what I thought.

1) That background fx panning all around is really cool. Awesome job.
2) The beginning with only the piano going is quite emotional. Very pretty.
3) 45 seconds in I like composition here. That messed up guitar sound is funky. Also 1:04 the new instrument playing the chords is well thought of.
4) I'm impressed with the amount of diversity you put in this song. Lots of layering happening and you used quite a bit of instruments. Something tells me I'm going to enjoy your future stuff.
5) Never recognized this until around 3:20. Is that some choir briefly playing at each snare hit?

1) 27 seconds in was weird. The transition wasn't bad, but all of a sudden your playing your notes really fast. Took away the emotion fast. I also noticed a generic instrument that didn't seem to fit well in this section. It was that muffled trance lead sound I think.
2) 1:22 I'm not fond of the techno horn sounding instrument. That sound is better for party music, not something with gentle emotion in it.
3) 1:59 I think you should have used that guitar sound you used earlier in the song rather than have that messy trance lead playing the chords.

In conclusion, this song is quite interesting. It may need a better mix of instruments. Trance leads and party horns don't seem to mesh well with piano and guitar......well in some songs it does but not in your mellow song. 5/5 vote and 9/10 review. Keep up the good work.

Bye for now

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DisconnectedFromGame responds:

And that is the kind of criticism and advice I need! Really appreciate you giving me the good and bad sides of it, thanks.

A nice, well-flowing piece of music. Good taste!

This is really nice. I like it. It has a "slight" mello feel, while maintain it's own sort of movement. I am quite impressed with how this plays.

DisconnectedFromGame responds:

I tried to keep within the boundaries of the song, and I guess it worked. Thanks!

12 thumbs up if i was a mutant

haha i like the beginning a lot

its nice how you got a build up going and then goes back to being chill

one thing to do is work on the volumes but it was sweet

and if you get a chance listen and rate my music!


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DisconnectedFromGame responds:

Wow, thanks man.

Yeah I always struggle on the volumes for the instruments. Don't know how to even 'em out yet.

Yeah I'll be sure to check yours out. and thanks for the badass review!

Interesting little peice you have there

You deleted all your projects man? you gotta keep that stuff nostalgic purposes. I like this one it is very varied and has nice heavy and light themes 9/10 4/5

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DisconnectedFromGame responds:

Haha no if you heard 'em, you'd freak! Dunno why but they pissed me off to listen to them haha.

Thanks the review.

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