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You Make Me Feel Like ...

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This is my submission to MAC 09 "Valoltines"

Love... the most beautiful feeling, a feeling that gives you sometimes wings, sometimes erections... and fills your heart with joy, happiness, pink stars, and heart-shaped butterflies...
As most of you already know, there is a very strong symbol of love that have it's own cult here on Newgrounds, well, this song is dedicated to that very symbol of love and to all those crazy little things that people do, feel and share for the sake of LOVE.
Here's to you all crazy love birds, Happy Valentines !

Track composed by Mihai Sorohan (aka sorohanro)
Lyrics by Citrina (she says those are random words, not lyrics, still I found those usable enough)
All voices by Mihai Sorohan and Citrina.
All guitars by Mihai Sorohan.
Backing track made in Reason and FL demo version and exported wav by wav.

Gear used:
sequencer - Reason (bundle with my soundcard)
midi controler - M-Audio Radium 49
soundcard - M-Audio Audiophile Delta 192
mixer - Behringer Eurorack UB1204FX-Pro
microphone - Oktava MK 319
guitar - Vorson V-190
saxophone by DSK free plugins (SaxophoneZ)
Effects added in FL demo version and rendered to wav.
Compressor from Antress free plugins and Reverb GlaceVerb free plugin.
Last edit, just the info file Jan 28, 2009.

This song is supposed to be a parody, so, here we go with a... listener's guide to the penicorn's epic journey through love songs, a list of things that i'm mocking/quoting in my track:
- Barry White (the deep voice in the beginning)
- Kenny G (the syrupy soprano saxophone theme)
- Linkin' Park (the "radio" speaking voice repeating useless what is singing)
- All shitty pop songs that have lyrics with absolutely no meaning, sense and logic
- All the "EPIC" soundtrackish NG trend of Hans Zimmer/ John Williams wannabes
- "I Will Always Love You"
- Beethoven's 9-th Symphony
- Beatles "All You Need is Love" and "She Loves You"

So, lets put the LOL into VaLOLtines ;)

(Barry White style - There comes a time in every man's life when he finds the right woman... well, baby, you're the one. You make me feel butterflies in my stomach. When you're around I FEEL LIKE A PENICORN)

You Make me feel (backing: you make me feel, make me feel)
Like a penicorn (backing: you make me feel, make me feel)
You Make me feel (backing: you make me feel, make me feel)
Like a penicorn (backing: you make me feel, make me feel)

Strawberry clouds, so sweet (rap: strawberry clouds, so sweet)
Baby I'm at your feet (rap: listen to my heart beat)
Butterflies in my head (rap: butterflies in my head)
I wanna hold your hand

-ah... that was very beautiful, nice lyrics too
-but pookie-wookie, this not really rhymed too good, you
know, "hand" with, with "head"...
-hm... I guess you're right... well then let's stop talking and play a guitar solo.)

-guitar solo-
-mmm... yes, oh yes, oh faster, faster... well, don't tell me you're done already.
-oh, no baby, I'm just getting started.
"radio announcer"
-So here we go with the "Epic Symphony of Love" !)

-oh, yes, you're an animal !
-well, yes, I'm a penicorn)

You Make me feel (backing: you make me feel, make me feel) - (rap: you make me feel, you make me feel)
Like a penicorn (backing: you make me feel, make me feel) - (rap: flying high in the sky)
You Make me feel (backing: you make me feel, make me feel) - (rap: you make me feel, you make me feel)
Like a penicorn (backing: you make me feel, make me feel) - (rap: flying high in the sky)
(meanwhile "The Beatles" who took the time machine just to get on Newgrounds somehow, come in singing "All you need is love" while John Lennon forget what is going on and sings "She loves you")
-Who are those hairy little guys?
-Those are "The Beatles" !
-Never heard of them ...

(after song finished, John Lennon jumped on the penicorn and flied away, so we had to send a clone back in time to be shot.
Happy End !)

Happy Valentines ! Love is all you need !

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Greatest piece of... ART! Great song, I laughed to tears! XD Btw I'm love Beatles's songs!!! I've made several industrial covers but I didn't upload them to portal yet, not sure. Whatever, I feel like a PENICOOOOOOORN!!!!!!!!! 5/5, 10/10!!!!!!! Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrssssss sssssss!!!

sorohanro responds:

ThaaaaaAAAAAAAanx !!!
Would be nice to listen some industrial Beatles :)

Wow. That's funny.

This isn't something I'd use, but it's insanely funny, and I applaud you for it. I wasn't laughing my ass off, but it really was funny, and it takes a lot to make me really laugh.

Reminds me of Weird Al songs.

sorohanro responds:

Well, tried my best to make a "VaLOLtine's" track ;)
Thanx for review.

ugh this came in first?

ugh i think this should have been second but w/e grats all the same

sorohanro responds:

Was a jury made of several people to take this decision.
I like very much MilkmanDan's song and Curriemaster's also.
As an advice, when you write a review is always better to write something about the music itself and things that you like/dislike in the track itself, rather that ranting of a jury's decision ;)
Cheers and thanx for the review.

Lol Penicorn

Well as im basicly stupid when it comes to most things involving this site i didnt have any idea what a Penicorn was, so i looked it up and about half way threw the song i saw the picture and almost died laughing. it was hard to breth for a moment thanks for that. Good song too, intresting and funny. very well put together.

sorohanro responds:

My song have also educational purposes, now you know what a penicorn is ;)
Thanx for review.


i never listen to music on newgrounds but ive decided to start if all the songs are as good as this!

sorohanro responds:

Some are even better ;)
Thanx for review, hope you'll find more music that you'll like.

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Jan 23, 2009
6:11 PM EST
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