Life's Choices

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And after 10th November, here it is something with a similar style; Life's Choices.
Lookin' for reviews here =P

**Update** 28th January 2009 - 22:42 (UTC+1 ahahah so funny to write this shit LOL)
Number one in score rank... no fuckin' way...
Newgrounds is going nuts..
Thank you everybody really! =D


Simply Beautiful.....

Couldn't be better.

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C-Enterprise responds:

Thanks! =)


awsome hey if u like dis song listen 2 mine heres da link http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/199906

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C-Enterprise responds:

As soon as i get home i'll check your song out
Thanks for the review ;)

La vida es nada.

In my opinion:

I'll ''try'' to resume this song with 3 words:
Life is nothing (La vida es nada).

That's how I see it.

(If you don't want to read the big incoming paragraphs scroll down to the end)

Also, this is my interpretation of each instrument either the emotion they convey or their role (Correct me if i'm wrong about the instrument i think it may be but i'm not an ''addict'' (not in the pejorative sense) of music so i may confuse some instrument or either I don't even know their name so i just write what i think they may be).

Role: We can clearly distinguish every single piano's note. We can compare it as the opposing of a ''burst''(by that term I mean to say a high amount of sound send in a short period of time). It is the nucleus of the song.

Emotion(s)/Feeling(s): Reality(That there is something that happens for real)

---Background music--- (it sounds like mix of a saxophone and a harmonica)

Role: In french literature there is two main part in a text: The Content (le Fond) and the Shape (la Forme). I compare the background music as the Content which is basicly about the main idea(s) conveyed by a text which brings us to the feeling/emotion conveyed and which everyone (normally) wants in their

Emotion(s)/Feeling(s): Tranquility(An emotion that there is nothing
that will disturb your/my/his life)

---Violin--- (Or something of the same family)

Role: This instrument brings what I should call ''The dark side of strenght''. Why so? Well because emotions are those who make our life worth of being lived but they are not always pure and noble. Thus, it bring us to the emotion(s).

Emotion(s)/Feeling(s): Anguish(Mainly of the obstacle in life and also
the end of it)


Role: The drum's sounds are particular. At the beginning i could not found what they were refering to. But i found it out after a good walk outside.
It gives a human aspect to the song since humans are only creatures which gives importance of being alive. I realized that since the drum beat is not high and really slow it can be compareted to a heart beat which his the main feature which confirms we're alive.

Emotion(s)/Feeling(s): Being alive(the humand feeling of it)

***********For those who don't want to read the big explanation***********

Organizing all those information from above (about the song) gives this:

The tranquility of a life can be disturbed by many ''dark feeling(s)/emotion(s)'' which is mainly the anguish of what we (humans) face during it. Our heart beat confirms it at each seconds of our existence. But it also make us being anxious about the end of it. Thus, giving us the importance of life which we bear the weight at each minutes of our little life. And so, we realize how big is our world(reality) if a little little species (mankind) worry about their own person.

Well i hope i've intrepeted the best as possible the vision i have about your song.

Hope you enjoy it.

Cordialement vĂ´tre,


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C-Enterprise responds:

i give you 11 for the review seriously.
and remember this is not the best review i've ever seen because it's long, but because it definitely is!
Thanks a lot man


Nice =)

It is very catchy. One of the best ones Ive heard on this site. I believe you are talented. Thank you very much for this song =)

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C-Enterprise responds:

Thank you for reviewing =)


I was on the bus going to school today and we passed a person who crashed and sadly died probly be on news

I think this is a very good mix but i cant stop thinking bout that dead person

C-Enterprise responds:

i don't know what to tell you..
it's a sad thing to say but life goes on.
thanks for the ten bro

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