Your Mom Took Acid

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Trip-Glitch - Doesn't really fit a category so here it is...


The computer-loadery and beats overpower...

After a couple of listens, I was ready to turn it off. But I was working away while it played for an hour... that's maybe just a reflection on my slightly zombified state. I should maybe get to bed so I don't make any programming mistakes...

I did find myself finding it more palatable after a while longer. Your glitchy sounds are generally a bit of a headfuck for a while.

The 'lead' sound (that sounds like a spectrum loading underwater... hehe), that carries on throughout, maybe helps give it some consistency and makes it a better background loop. And yet it's a tiny bit annoying. Also, it seemed to kinda overpower what was going on in the background.

The soft notes I heard when you dulled the background beats at 0:57 (and also the start/end) were rather lovely, and I'd have maybe liked to hear more of that.

The beats fit in with the trippy theme really well.

As with all your stuff, this loops wonderfully.

You definitely have your own style and I enjoy hearing things from your angle. However, in this, the beats just seemed to overpower everything and give it a slightly irritating monotony.

Btw, you mentioned in a response down there of some problems with your music when played on speakers. For the record, I practically always listen to stuff on closed cup headphones in my bedroom.

LJCoffee responds:

:) - thanks for taking the time!

The headohone/speaker issues apply to a lot of the older stuff - not really sure at which point I changed things but I'm sure that somewhere along the way you'd hear a definite difference on external speakers. I haven't listened to this track in so long. Made about 2 years back - Plenty of mastering issues on these tracks.

I always start thinking about remastering some of the older stuff but I know I'll never actually get to it.

Thanks again for your comments!


the intro sounds like a computer-person trying to load unsuccesfully underwater. whilst something is smashing into the side of the spaceship. and i mean that in the best possible way :) very cool disjointed vibe to this track. the mashed up vocals completes things very well. dirty dirty underwater loading robot.

LJCoffee responds:

Yeah sort of an industrial fell to this one I think. Just another in a series of taffytracks.
That's what I'll start calling them anyways.

Here's an impromptu taffytrack recipe:

Dump a pile of samples into a bowl

Start pulling, kneading, stretching and blending until you see some sort of cohesion.

Put the whole mess on the automatic stretcher and let it process for a while - then you export it as an mp3 and upload it...



that had to be one of the most origional songs i have heard yet. I think the title of the song is a little wierd as well... you did really good on this one and the voices in the back where amazing!

LJCoffee responds:

Glitchy bits are just lovely aren't they?

Thank you!

this is incredible!

i love everything about it.
your music is all great!

LJCoffee responds:

Thanks - I think our styles, although different, overlap nicely in alot of areas - your work is great also -

Keep it up! - I'm looking forward to hearing your next piece!


Wow hehe, every song I click on randomly seems too make me feel fuzzy inside.

LJCoffee responds:

Sorry I took so long in responding...

I guess feeling fuzzy inside is a good thing! - This was a fun track to put together - if you liked this one, then you may also want to check out "Still under the influence" which is in a similar style. Although it may take me a while, I'll go give your stuff a listen and leave you some feedback as well...

Thanks again! - I really appreciate the comments - I'm flattered that you were diggin' my little bit of noise!

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Feb 23, 2005
12:36 AM EST
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