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Desert Dream

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Author Comments

This is the final version. Hope you enjoy and remember to post your stories if you get any!

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I don't have a perfect or clear story but i could imagine that tomb robbers are trying to find egyptain pyramids to loot treasures from,but are found stuck in the sandy nothingness of the desert at night . Besides the harsh weather and occasional sand storms, there are desert worms under the sand that crave warm fleshy bodies to lay their eggs in. And a robber that's only half their size makes an ideal nest for their young.

Music Makes Us See Different Things ..

Broken mirrors, lay upon the floor . World spinning around you in darkness . There is no kill switch, you have pulled the plug, yet it still won't stop . The end is your beginning, your beginning is your life . Smothered whispers greet you, within your mind in doubt of what you have done, so convinced you have done nothing wrong .. May the abyss show you what happens to those who don't see the gift of life ..
- Aphotic Athanasy -

punk7890 responds:

I like your reviews. They make me think.

Thanks again for your reviews :)

Desert.. More like creepy dream!^^

As usual a 10/10 star rate for you, but a story this time? I don't know, I'll try.
I'm in Egypt at the moment, here as an explorer. I always dreamt of exploring some of the pyramids. So the next thing I do is prepare myself.. enough water, food that stays well for quite a while. Once I was done, I was ready to depart over the whole country. The atmosphere, the scenery is utmost beautiful. The pyramid that is my destination, is rumoured to harbour the most vile and evil souls, and that a tormentor of souls resides with the pyramid, but that's just folklore, right? So when I get to my destination, and even while it is like 40 degrees here, I get a very cold chill sent right up my spine as I look at this particular pyramid. I am an explorer, so the first thing I do next, is to get myself inside, without any escort or whatsoever. I venture deeper, and suddenly I hear trembling behind me, and look that it is a trap, the stone door slams shut behind me. As courageous as I am, I walk on and light my torch in the meanwhile. I see mummified bodies lying around, yet I am not scared by this, it could have been by looters who came here long ago. I go on, deeper into the pyramid, a foul scent of death.. decayed flesh overwhelms me, crawling up my nose slowly, making me nervous.. slightly sick. It must be the mummies that haven't been wrapped up in bandages in the right way. As I venture deeper into the pyramid, I start to think. "This pyramid, well.. if there's been looters here before, how did they get out in the first place, I mean, the door has been closed, and I can't get out, Unless they knew a way that I did not." I shrug and while I was lost in thoughts.. the scent gets worse, making me feel dizzy, getting a slight fever, and makes it appear that the hallway closes in on me, narrowing. I try to shake it from me and walk on. I enter some kind of chamber, seemingly from a Pharaoh. I take a good look around, the coffin being smashed open but there is nothing inside it. I walk towards the coffin, taking a closer look.. still nothing, or wait.. some bit of the bandage! I pick it up and take a good look at it. It.. is rather foul.. and I can see the stains from blood on it. I honestly don't know what is going on, but I am sure that it is very unnatural. I take a few steps back and I hit something.. something large. It doesn't breathe, but it is there, right behind me, and I fear I am the next victim. I turn around.. looking at a massive, hulking creature, rotten flesh, the "odour" being -very- strong at the moment. It looks at me, and I look back. Some voice enters my mind, but it is rather unusual, dark.. mystic. "Why did you come here? Another foolish adventurer to seek and steal my treasures?" I rapidly reply. "I am only after to discover and explore, yet I have no thoughts of stealing!".. The Voice doesn't let hear from it again for a few minutes, while I wait there, scared. "You have not come to steal from me. But someone else has.. The rumours are true, but I am not the tormentor. That.. thing, it is not me, it is nothing, you can not see it, and can not fight it." "Then what is it you, the Pharaoh wants from me?" I want you to find a way to defeat it, but should you fail, we will be doomed for the rest of.. well, eternity." I gulp, and nod. I leave the tomb and begin my search.. after hours.. and hours of walking, I enter some other chamber, Weird Egyptian signs, which I can read though, says "The Sacrificial Chamber". I frown and enter it, looking around.. Looters, townsfolk.. Dead. I walk to the altar and I see the knife lying on it. I take it and make a little cut in my thumb, letting the blood flow into a bowl. Then behind me, a being appears that is supposed to be the Tormentor. I look over my shoulder at it and frown. "Are you th-.." Before I can finish my sentence, I get engulfed by a dark aura, corrupting thoughts, the blood, all my blood flowing out of my body, into the ground and I fall to the floor. The last words I ever heard were: "Foolish mortal.. Blood is my life-fuel, and your death only strengthens my return.

punk7890 responds:

Once again great story! I love reading these.

Thanks for the story!

This story.

A iraq group that was in WW2 blew everything up with a tank. (just to test it) A american that didnt die in world war 2 survived and couldnt find his way out of the dessert. He walked around and everyone was staring at him in a creepy angry way.
He felt scared in a way, but also angry enough to kill someone. He was equipped with a knife and felt safe with just that, but then a few terrorist tripped him. They managed to tie him up. He woke up in the darkness, seeing 2 shadows. He realized he was restrained from doing anything. The 2 terrorist showed up with a crowbar and a machete. They asked him a few questions about WW2 and he didnt answer.
They scraped him with the machete and asked him again. He thought for a second.
He got mad. He realized all his friends some of his family and allot more got killed.
He got mad again. He tried to break the rope with all his might. He ripped a little bit of it. He kept trying while the terrorist were still waiting for a answer. He managed to finally rip out of the rope. He was as mad as heck as he pulled out his knife and
ripped one of the terrorist's stomach open and pulled out a chord choking the
other terrorist. He felt wierd, he felt suicidal because all his family, friends, and
fellow soldiers died. He took his knife and slit his own throat. The end.

Perfect for a horror scenario

I love this freaking track. As it says in the title, this would be great for a horror scenario.

The picture put in my head: A destroyed city plaza, perhaps remnants of
World War ll. A woman wakes up in an alley, confused as to where she has come to be at. She wanders out into the center of the plaza, looking around. She feels cold, as if there is wind, but nothing is moving around her. Not even the leaves on a dying tree. A muscular man, begins to stalk her. He has heavy bandaging over his face, stained with blood. He is holding a rusty combat knife. She begins to walk towards a gate, which is locked. As she turns around, the man is 10 yards away from her. He stops, not uttering a word, not taking a breath, but staring. She tries to talk to him, but he simply stares. She begins to walk away, and the man seems to follow her movements directly with his head. She walks about 1 mile away, hoping to find out where she is. She comes upon a town. It seems to be untouched by the war, but empty. Like a ghost town. Desolation. She hears a scream coming from a nearby residence. The woman feels compelled to act. She opens a door to the home, finding two corpses, strewn across the floor. Each one, precisely cut across their throats. As she turns around, trying to flee, the last sight she ever encountered was a rusty blade.

punk7890 responds:

Wow thats pretty deep. Great review! Thanks a bunch!
Someone should write a flash to your story.

Glad you enjoyed it. :)

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Jan 19, 2009
7:03 PM EST
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